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Super job! Just to let people know this is the 'new' Snetterton 300 layout. The 'old' 1.9 mile track is also great, I raced on it many moons ago - there is a virtual version of it out there somewhere. If you could find it and work your magic on that too?! Pleeeaaaaasssee!!!
Very good job of my GSC 2012 conversion. Convert the other BTCC tracks too?
Excellent conversion. However, there are a couple of problems with the ai. They slam on the brakes going over the start/finish line, and they keep to the middle of the track on the exit of the corner onto the back straight, thus meaning they get a bad run down it. These two problems make it too easy to beat them whatever difficulty is set. If there's anything you can do it would be greatly appreciated.
Nice. Reiza-like.
Love the the added effects to this conversion, thanks Alfredo.