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SMP Dallara BR1 fictional based on the model of a P217 by Peugeot905 0.1 0.6

This is the SMP Dallara BR1 fictional based on the model of a P217.

  1. Changed default tyre from Soft to Medium. skin added by Foxtrott123

    -Changed default tyre from Soft to Medium.
    -Skin added by Foxtrott123
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  2. -Changes to graphic offset,-more downforce added

    -Changes to graphic offset
    -more downforce added
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  3. 0.4

    Added downforce to the rear wing to aid aerobalance and help elemenate understeer when changing directions
    -skin added
    -Aero balance
    - slight change to the car.ini file
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  4. Version 0.3

    -Added more downforce
    -Added drag ( to help better mimic high downforce)
    -Revisions to Areo.ini (Still WIP)
    -Changes to car.ini
    -Revision to Aero.lut files (Still WIP)
    -Two power.lut options
    The can be changed by going in the engine.ini POWER_CURVE= place which ever power.lut file you choose; power curve file

    WEC_Paul_Ricard_EOT_650hp_power.lut(mimic power output at the start of the WEC 2018-2019 good competition for kunos LMP1 at high downforce tracks) This is the default...
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  5. Dallara BR1 Fictional(Based on a Dallara P217 Model) by Peuegot 905

    Dallara BR1 Fictional( based on a Dallara P217) by(Peugeot 905) V 0.2

    unfortaintly i was not able to find a proper model for the BR1 so i had to use this P217

    This car with the default power.lut file should be nearly as fast as a 2017-2019 Toyota TS050 Hybrid(with the right setup)

    With the power1.lut it's about as fast as the 2015 919 and the 2016 919

    power.lut =720hp power1.lut =650hp To swtich power.lut files around go into the engine.ini file change POWER_CURVE=power.lut...
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