Smoother Sachsenring 1.1

AI-improvement Sachsenring

  1. Vayte
    Sachsenring improvement mod

    This mod is aimed to improve the AI around Sachsenring.

    It is only optimized for MotoGP 16 Class, no other.
    It only works in dry Conditions, and i won´t touch wet.

    The last Corners are a lot smoother and faster now.
    Ai-Mistakes are reduced, but still happen. Especially when they are battling each other. Most prominent is hitting the Curb at the Exit of Turn 11 (Waterfall Corner).

    Corners changed:
    Turn 9, 10, 11, 12, 13

    Motogp16 Class Laptimes start at 1:19.000

Recent Reviews

  1. senbei6
    Version: 1.1
    Tried this mod dry with motogp in the second round did a pretty good time 1: 19,703 I see that the times of the rivals are a little better than before the best in free 1: 20,183 though not and noticed much difference in tracing the data.mix weight if I 20'4MB increased to 121MB and also as modified files multiplayer game is not available. Thanks for your job
    1. Vayte
      Author's Response
      practice times are randomly generated by the game. you can change them to whatever you want in data/db/DB_IDEALTRACKSTIMES.BML. this mod only affects the actual speed of the ai, so you need to race to see the difference. every file you change with mixfile remixer will have a significant size increase, and online is not avaiable as soon as you have modded files in your game.
  2. kikooOOoo
    Version: 1.1
    nice work :D
    1. Vayte
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