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Slovakia Ring 1.2

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Excellent flow, lots of enjoyment with this track, thanks a lot
loving it!!! but is there any way I can remove the spectators? the 2d crowds take away from any track that I play on, thank you.
After installing it thru Content Manager and trying to launch it, an error pops up, saying "slovakiaring: TRACK NOT FOUND"
Beautiful track. Shame about the black map
Really like the flow of this track - and the small hills and a nice element. Excellent backgrounds and visuals. Thanks!
Raymond Racing
Brilliant track! I just wish there was an additional tri-oval layout that used the escape-road at the end of Sector 1 to link back up with Sector 3; even if the track wasn't raced in such a configuration it would make for a nice change of pace similar to the outer-layout of Bahrain.
Great track! But I am having problem with grassfx growing on curbs
Very nice track, beautifully made. Thanks a lot for sharing !
Great Track
good track
Kamo pekne ale neskusis urobit Pezinsku Babu vies jak ppc by to boloo
very nice, great job thanks
Great ****ING job mate! It`s awesome, high quality with details compared to original ac tracks
Really high quality track, nice job.
Good looking track with fun layouts.
Thanks, I just found this update for one of my favourites tracks.
Great work!
Fantastic track! Love the atmosphere. I have a little problem though. Those tall trees at the first turn keep popping up just in front on me when driving on cockpit view.
AI is a bit wonky but otherwise very nicely done!
Top notch. Thanks for sharing
Very beautiful job. A thousand thanks!