SKYFALL F1 2018 Season MOD [BETA]

SKYFALL F1 2018 Season MOD [BETA] 1.5

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SKYFALL F1 2018 Season Mod v1.5 [1834 files tested to Work]

Creative Concept/Art by @SkyFall

In Loving Memory of MARKUS VON PLATH
Born. DEC-1st-1996
Died. JUL-12th-2017

For more information visit:

YouTube Channel SkyfallF1MOD:

Languages Now Available:
English ✔
Spanish (Español) ✔
Brazilian ✔
French ✔
German ✔
Hungarian (*) ✔
Italian ✔
Japanese ✔
Polish ✔
Portuguese ✔
Russian (*)✔

* NOTE: Will have mostly ENGLISH in game menu

Game Modders/Artists/Genius: @talisman, @ClimaxF1, @Franske, @ConectiON


Please ALLWAYS back-up your original game files!!!
Please use a fresh install of F1-2014

METHOD 1: Using Drag and Drop
Adding files or folders to an existing folder from a 7-Zip file

  1. Open the F1 2018 SKYFALL GOLD EDITION v1.0 (BETA).7z Zip file.
  2. Navigate to and open the F1-2014 folder into which you wish to add the MOD.
  3. Finally, drag the files or folders you wish to add into this open folder.
  4. Select Overwrite Files
METHOD 2: Extracting folders from a 7-Zip file
  1. Open the Zip file that contains F1 2018 SKYFALL GOLD EDITION v1.0 (BETA).7z , this is the folder you wish to extract.
  2. Use Explorer to Navigate to the level in which you see the desired F1 2014 folder .
  3. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\<Your Name>\F1 2014\ <Your install may vary>
  4. Drag and drop "each" folder to the desired location (such as a folder in My Computer or Windows Explorer, the Desktop, or My Documents).
  5. Replace the included archives from the downloaded RD file in each F1-2014 folder.
  6. Select Overwrite Files
NOTE: Do NOT delete ANY file in F1-2014 and DO NOT DELETE the ORIGINAL TRACKS.

Launch your F1 2014

For NEW users installing this MOD for the first time: You will need to create a NEW GAME file since now all teams and drivers have changed. Any previous saved game will be corrupt and will not work with this MOD.

MOD v1.0:

- Infiniti Red Bull Racing is now Aston Martin Red Bull Racing
- Williams Racing is now Williams Martini Racing
- McLaren Mercedes is now McLaren F1 Team
- Lotus F1 is now Renault Sport F1 Team
- Toro Rosso is now Red Bull Toro Rosso Honda
- Caterham F1 Team is now Haas F1 Team
- Sauber is now Alfa Romeo Sauber F1 Team
- Marussia F1 Team is now Test Drivers F1 Team [NOT FEATURED IN GAME/SEASON] will test drive Mercedes (W08EQ+) / Ferrari (SF70h) at a slower pace.
- All the driver names and pics for 2018 season including Sergey Sirotkin, Pierre Gasley, Brendon Hartley, Lance Stroll, Esteban Ocon, Stoffel Vandoorne, Charles Leclerc, etc.
- Upgraded performance of the F1 engines using data from the 2018 winter testing at Circuit Catalunya, Cars are 65% faster than stock F1 2014 engines, which is accurate compared to the real engines (940BHP in 2018). [STILL IN DEVELOPMENT]
- NEW Teams logos in the GRAND PRIX Menu and added Teams for 2018 and all trasparencies for drivers pic. All Drivers use their assigned 2018 season helmets.
- More stable Database build
- Artificial Intelligence will now be more agressive and use oversteer
- Race Tracks in GP Mode are now according to 2018 Season Calendar
- Career Mode calendar adapted to 2018 Season style (Only 19 races)
- After the Young Drivers Test you will be offered Team Contracts for
(*) Available after Day 1

* Mercedes W09EQ+ / Williams FW41 / Ferrari SF72h / Sauber C37 / Force India VMJ10 / Ferrari SF70h
created by @talisman

* Mercedes W08EQ+ created in collaboration by @muben_is and @chianamik

* Red Bull RB14 / Toro Rosso STR13 / McLaren MCL33 / Renault RS18 / Haas VF18
created by @SkyFall

Melbourne / Shangai / Bahrain / Azerbaijan(*)/ Catalunya / Monaco / Montreal
Le Castellet - France (*)/ Spielberg - Austria / Silverstone / Hockenheim(*)
Hungaroring / SpaFrancorchamps / Monza / Singapour / Sochi / Susuka / Texas /
Mexico(*) / Brazil / Abu Dhabi
Plus Aditional Tracks:
Delhi / Korea / Nurburgring /

(*): Mexico, Azerbaijan, Le Castellete and Hockenheim will be downloadable via DLC since Tracks are not originally available in F1-2014.

* Drivers now use their 2018 Season helmets & Racing Suits during races and inside cutscenes.
* New Teams GARAGES display and updated sponsors
* YoungDriversTest results now show correct Team Logos

NEW AUDIO PACK (Created by @chianamik)
Cars Engine sound updated.

* English Language install is currently supported by SKYFALL
* Spanish (Español) Language install is currently on TEST EVALUATION and supported by SKYFALL

Please leave any comments at our site. Enjoy!!!

Regards, SKYFALL
File size
372 MB
First release
Last update
4.16 star(s) 74 ratings

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Latest reviews

Is there Russian language support?
I included the files so that you can install RUSSIAN language, But ALL MENU´s will be in ENGLISH. If you can SEND ME the Language_rus.Ing archive located in your Language File. I will try to change it to 100% Russian.... (I don´t speak russian). Or if you want to HELP with the File and send it already translated it would be better, and we will include it in the next Update. Thanks.
how to download tracks through DLC?
Hi, I'm having a lag problem with the mod..
There are certain areas of certain tracks that lag every time i'm driving by, even when I'm watching the replay, and the funny thing is that it only lags when i'm playing career or grand prix mode, when i'm on trial mode everything is just fine, my PC is not high-ended but I've always played it nicely with moderate graphics settings, it never lagged before the mod. I've tried playing with the lowest graphics settings possible but it doesn't change nothing, so please someone tell me if you know something that might help me.
the mod is just amazing. the cars are even faster. love the mod... but the lan dosen't seem to work even though my friends also have the same mod. any help would be appreciated. thanks!
Very good mod
But I think it's better to have Brazil and Abu Dhabi GP in the season than mexico and baku
Fantastic job¡¡ Work perfectly in Spanish languaje..Thanks so much¡¡¡
Is an amazing mod.
the mod is excellent......but tracks like baku and mexico do not baku is just singpore track......and the AI is extremely slow.........from where can I download the DLC tracks like baku and mexico......please inform........
This is best mod for f1 2014 till now. But i need one help, Mexico, azerbaijan, and other new added track not working as real those tracks. please help me to fix the problem
Well done. This mod does a great job updating the F1 2014 game to match the 2018 teams. It seems to be limited by some things Codemasters might have hardcoded in, like the number of teams in career mode and circuits. Might I suggest you just leave in Brasil and Abu Dhabi at the end of the calendar instead of trying to add Baku, etc. I think a Singapore circuit "dressed up" as Azerbaijan is more immersion breaking than simply not having those tracks in. Plus, we lose driving on official assets provided in the vanilla game. Until you can find some way to use, say, 2016 tracks (I think that's when Baku was added), I think skipping Baku and France would be better. Also, I think the "test drivers" are a reasonable fix, but I agree with others that maybe they should be only slightly slower than other backmarkers.
Very good potential, just few issues like having Kvyat and Wehrlein in career.
What is the point of those drivers and the test team ?
This is not needed in my opinion and only cause troubles, it would be better without that.
But this is a good job anyway, looking forward for the next update !
Very good!
Ayuda por favor... Es la primera vez que yo instalo mods y tengo mi juego en español pero no me deja comenzar ninguna carrera aun así creando un perfil nuevo
A que se debe?
I have old names in Williams. What to do?
in the career mode of the car is not getting any damage is very ridiculous. Help me pls
Está bien el mod pero no me carga el GP de México y además me aparece Jenson Button en vez de Stoffel Vandoorne
Hi, great work. But few things , I don't understand how can You change shape body of car but can't make halo system ? How can other make driveable Brands Hatch, Jerez etc. but can't Baku, Paul Ricard and Hermanos Rodriguez ? In Q1 14 drivers advance to Q2, in Q2 8 drivers advance in Q3 ? Please answer. Greetings.
First of all, good job. Thank you.

Negative sides currently:
- Unbalanced teams/drivers. Williams are too strong (tier 2), Bottas is weak, Red Bull is stronger than Ferrari. Renault is bad, etc.
- I am not sure, but I presume oversteer is bit higher than normal.
- Baku, Mexico, and the other new tracks have same layout with some old tracks such as Singapore.
- AI is usually very slow according to the vanilla.
- Still shitty AI and same strategies throughout all tracks.
- With a full damage option, still you can survive from most of crashes.
- Because of the difference between # of teams in 2014 and 2018, Kvyat and Wehrlein are added as extra drivers in a test-drive team. Their cars are too slow, almost at any race they are overlapped by 2 times.
- Minor graphical glitches.

Anything else is as perfect as it could be done. Overall, I strongly recommend this mod to the users who wants to play 2018 season.
the moment you changed the gameplay in a dead game you get 5 stars
(i love the change with the tyres.its the most realistic and im excited about it)

ok there are some bugs but iam patient guy..thank you for this awesome mod and i hope to solve the bugs
Actually there is a few bugs, like Williams going more fast than a Mercedes, and also there is Kivjat wich is on a Ferrari 2013 here a screen (Career Mode)
bon mod mais les performances ne sont pas actualisées, dommage; il faut continuer à dev ce mod qui intrinsèquement est bon
pls make an update :) maybe with stronger KI? or more realisitic damage?
where can I find dlc for new trucks? Baku looks like Sngapore!
Good work. How can I avoid to have test driver team in career mode?
1. At some point, game loading are very slow, especially in Baku, France, and Mexico
2. Brazil and Abu Dhabi Grand Prix wasn't in Career Mode

Otherwise, this mod is good overall.
It's good, but Paul Ricard doesn't load. Please fix!!
Why did you remove interlagos and yas marina from career mode?
Hello ! I tested your new update and i think the 1.4 was better. Since i play on the 1.5 version, there is a problem concerning AI level, before i was playing decently in professionnal lvl and now i can easily play in legend lvl.
I also noticed that when you do driver test and choose Scuderia Ferrari instead of this one you finally drive a Mclaren. Same problem about Red Bull where you drive a Ferrari instead. I send you a picture, it's probably clearer:
Also the Baku track is not realistic like if it was another track .If i find something else then i tell you. But thanks for trying to make this game better ! ^^