SKYFALL F1 2016 Season MOD 1.4

Team & Driver Names for 2016 F1 Season

  1. SkyFall
    Hey guys,

    I am happy to introduce the new F1 2016 SEASON MOD to be used on the F1-2013 game engine. I have named it the SKYFALL Mod. This is my first Mod so I will update and polish it if you guys like it. I believe the F1-2013 is Codemasters best F1 game engine of the series, so I decided to work on it and update it for a while.

    Created by MrTheRacer / Silidus / Skyfall

    Contents of Mod v1.4:

    - Infiniti Red Bull Racing is now Red Bull Racing
    - Williams Racing is now Williams Martini Racing
    - McLaren Mercedes is now McLaren Honda
    - Lotus F1 is now Renault Sport F1 Team
    - Caterham F1 Team is now Haas F1 Team
    - Marussia F1 Team is now Manor Racing MRT F1 Team
    - All the driver names and pics to 2016 F1 Season including Ericsson, Kvyat, Verstappen, Sainz, Nasr, Wehrlein, Haryanto, Palmer and Magnussen. Included Team swap D.Kvyat to STR and M. Verstappen to RBR.

    a) Red Bull RB12 / McLaren MP4-31 / Force India VJM09 / Sauber C35 and MANOR MRT05 created by MrTheRacer
    b) Mercedes F1 W07 Hybrid / Ferrari SF16-H / Williams FW38 / Haas VF-16 / Toro Rosso STR11 / Renault R.S.16 created by SKYFALL

    Acknowledgements: YeBossKiller / Advantian / Miguelp17 / Thrasher / Franske / Krsskos / Kris / Chianamik / Supla007 and the RaceDepartment Community for their help to make this MOD possible.

    - Replicated the performance of the F1 engines using data from up to 2016 Catalunya Grand Prix. You'll notice that overall, all the cars are 35% faster than stock F1 2013 engines, which should be accurate compared to the real engines (930BHP in 2016).
    - Power Units updated including the New RENAULT "Spec B" engine (in use by RedBull & RENAULT)

    TIER 1 = Mercedes / Ferrari
    TIER 2 = Williams / Red Bull / Toro Rosso / Haas
    TIER 3 = Force India / Renault / McLaren
    TIER 4 = Sauber / Manor


    - All Drivers now use their assigned 2016 Season helmets, plus the drivers stats have been updated up to Bahrain Grand Prix 2016
    - All Teams logos and Teams for 2016 Season with new transparencies for drivers backdrop pictures. Teams are presented according to 2015 Constructor Championship Order definition.
    - Race track menu order similar to 2016 Season Calendar
    - Starting Grid Order NOW more accurate to 2016 Season
    - Tyre wear more close to 2016 Season with %Scalling for length of Races

    - Menu has been updated with 2016 Season drivers pics. Your team mate/rivals pic is now updated.
    - Now you can select personalized style helmets from MAIN MENU created by Supla007
    - Season Standings / Constructor Championship (those mini cars logos thingy) now show 2016 Season livery.
    - Career Mode calendar adapted to 2016 Season style (Only 19 races). In case you already are in a mid-season career your saved game will be updated to the new calendar. All D.Kvyat / M.Verstappen individual points obtained will be awarded to them. Team will also keep points awarded before the driver swap.
    - Mercedes / Ferrari / Honda / Renault / Red Bull (TAG Huer) Power Units will evolve faster as season progresses. The rest of the Teams using 2nd deal engines will evolve slower.
    - By default after Day 1 in Young Drivers Test you will be offered All 5 Team Contracts [If you don´t like this option replace file for original located at YoungDriversTest].
    - YoungDriversTest results status now show correct Team Logos

    NOTE: Always use the newest version of this MOD. If you already updated your F1-2013 with previous version of the SKYFALL MOD, you will NOT need to create a new game file and you can keep on playing since this only updates the graphics. If this is your first time installing this MOD version, any previous saved game file will become corrupt and will not work with this MOD so you will need to create a NEW Save File (since now all teams and drivers have changed).

    Created/Updated by Silidus
    - All Drivers now use their 2016 Season helmets & racing suits during races and inside cut-scenes.
    - New Teams GARAGES display updated sponsors

    - Includes: Melbourne / Bahrain / Shangai / Delhi (Replaces Sochi) / Catalunya / Monaco / Montreal / Korea (Replaces Austria) / Silverstone / Hungaroring / Nurburgring (Replaces Hockenheim) / SpaFrancorchamps / Monza / Singapour / Sepang / Susuka / Texas / Brazil / Abu Dhabi
    - MONACO GP race track adjusted to make it work on 2016 Power Unit Specs
    * NOTE: Mexico, Baku, Spielberg, Sochi and Hockenheim not included since Tracks are not available in F1-2013.

    * Only English Language install is currently supported by SKYFALL
    * French Language install is currently BETA and supported by Stephana Stephen

    I will try to post updates as the season progresses. Please check the Updates.

    Enjoy and give feedback, that's how we get better at this!!:cool:

    Regards, SKYFALL MOD


    1. F1 2013 1_4_2016_01.jpg
    2. F1 2013 1_4_2016_02.jpg
    3. F1 2013 1_4_2016_03.jpg
    4. F1 2013 1_4_2016_04.jpg
    5. F1 2013 1_4_2016_05.jpg
    6. F1 2013 1_4_2016_09.jpg
    7. F1 2013 1_4_2016_14.jpg
    8. F1 2013 1_4_2016_15.jpg
    9. F1 2013 1_4_2016_16.jpg
    10. F1 2013 1_4_2016_17.jpg
    11. F1 2013 1_4_2016_18.jpg
    12. F1 2013 1_4_2016_19.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Humpaa
    Version: 1.4
    I am sorry but it isnt working for me. Hope i will have better luck with 2017 even i wanted this one.
    1. SkyFall
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the post Humpaa;
      The only advice I can give you is to check that you download version 1.4 (or latest version) and follow the correct file installation. Check that your F1-2013 game copy is working.

      There is a very good "How To" Guide created by Graham Laing.
      I hope that it helps you clarify any doubts. Follow this link:

      Remember to BACK-UP your game install (The guide will also show you how), and remember to always use a original game install.
      Regards, SKYFALL.
  2. Veen
    Version: 1.4
    Terrific! Exactly what I was looking for, delivered. One thing, sometimes I play with braking assists and the car can never brake perfectly on corners, is this because of the increased power?
  3. williamfdf
    Version: 1.4
    Of to use this mod F1 2012?
  4. Porkkanajonne
    Version: 1.4
    Very good mod! Only "problem" that I have is that somehow Haryanto is always in Q3 when playing career. In race he usually drops out of top 10, but still bit unrealistic I think. And theres invincible person driving Red Bulls?
  5. NR_Hawk
    Version: 1.4
    First of all, a very good mod and I really enjoy it.
    However, I have found a few flaws playing this update since it came out.
    First, the game is not very difficult. I normally play the expert difficulty with a mid table team like Force India and struggle to score points. But, after the update, I could easily qualify in the top three, just tenths behind the pole-sitter. In the race it only took a couple of laps before I was in the lead of the race. When I tried to figure out why the AI suddenly dropped in performance, I noticed that the overshot a lot of the corners and broke way to late, often missing their braking point. This made them lose a lot of time. If I was to guess, maybe this happens because of the increase of power to the cars.
    Secondly, the different teams often finish in unrealistic position. Most notably, the Manors often get to Q2, and the mclarens often finish races in top 5. The Ferraris seem to outperform the Mercedes. I dont think this is a huge issue, and again, if I were to guess, I think it is the increase of power that causes this issue (for example, the Manors are fast in a straight line and gains massively in the game because of the increase of power). I have to mention that I run the game with the realistic damage mod as well, but I have driven quite a lot of races in career mode, so I dont think it is the realistic damage mod that causes this. Finally, some names in the e-mails in career mode are still the names from 2013, not a big issue of course and when the mechanic speaks under the race, he often uses names from 2013 (for example Paul di Resta instead of Max Veerstappen). I do not know if you can fix this (maybe use soundfiles from newer games, but again, not a big issue.

    There are the issues I have found with this amazing mod during the months that I have player it for. I am a huge fan of the SKYFALL mod and I hope you will continue working on it untill f1 2016 comes out.
    Thank You Skyfall
  6. Sturmi5
    Version: 1.4
    very good mod i love it
    but i have one problem, the names of the drivers are unchanged.
    e.g. i am driving in a renault and my teammate is max chilton or webber is driving for manor etc.
    please help
    1. SkyFall
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much for the positive review, Sturmi5;

      You shouldn't be getting any of the Old names appearing in this Season (2016) so I probably guess that your F1-2013 is set to another language.... The MOD only works for English language and French Language (Beta Testing) for now :O_o: so you will probably have to change your language settings:

      Right click F1-2013 in your Steam library then click properties then click Language tab and choose the language English (I´m guessing this will change the language in game).

      More info on the Support Tab of this MOD.

      I hope this helps.

      regards, SKYFALL
  7. Welshdragon F1
    Welshdragon F1
    Version: 1.4
    Fantastic job, just what I was looking for!
    The cars, the drivers, everything is looking great!
    The ai is quite good but could you make it even more racy (like blocking you or overtaking on the racing line)?
    Eventually, could you put the V6 sound?? ;)
    Good job keep updating
    1. SkyFall
      Author's Response
      Welshdragon F1;

      Thank for the positive review, and the good energy.
      We will be constantly trying to improve our MOD. There are some really good AI out there (some can be compatible with our MOD), you will find them here:

      v1.3 MOD, was really aggressive and we had to tune-it-down a bit.... (although I still use since it really makes me fight for races). We will keep testing until we can deliver a really good AI.

      (*) NOTE: Remember to Back-up your save game before installing anything, since you may find some of this databases/AI changes will delete your saved file.

      2) Yes, we will have a couple of surprises on engine sound and Tracks available. We will decide if they are going to be a ADD-ON (Optional) file since it will increase download size.

      Hope to keep you interested.

      regards, SKYFALL.
  8. xaboeltito
    Version: 1.4
    Hey mate,

    I am trying to install the mod but when I paste the files and I try to run the game the game crashes and can't play. I don't know if it is because I play on a Mac but it would be awesome if you could look into it.

    1. SkyFall
      Author's Response
      Hi there, Xaboeltito;

      I don´t have a lot of knowledge on MAC but the Steam PC version has quite a similar file structure than the MAC version.

      There is a very good "How To" Guide created by Graham Laing I hope that it helps you clarify any doubts. This link:

      Remember to BACK-UP your game install (The guide will also show you how), and use a original game install.

      Once you know where the install folder of the game is in your operating system, the folder layout in the install folder is exactly the same as a PC. So just follow the same instruction as the PC when installing.

      This MOD is in a 7z (zip file), so you should unpack or decompress the contents into a NEW folder of your choice. You can then copy these files directly into your F1-2013 install. This is just in case you have the path wrong, it's better to unpack to a temporary folder.

      Once you have unpacked the archive, copy the folders that are in your mod into your F1 2012 install folder, and overwrite any existing files. This is why you should back up the original folders before installing any mods.

      For example, if you have unpacked, and the archive has given you a 'cars' folder and a 'characters' folder. Then copy those 2 folders into your F1-2013 install folder.

      Good luck. Hope this helps.

      Regards, SKYFALL
  9. DumBiXXX
    Version: 1.4
    Very GOOD ..... Seasonmod 2016 for 2013 ;-)

    exellent !

    Thank you so much for this work !
    1. SkyFall
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the positive review. We will try to get it better!!! I hope to keep you guys interested.
  10. Amzufar
    Version: 1.4
    everything seems good so far. thank you so much for the mod :D
    1. SkyFall
      Author's Response
      Thank you, Amzufar; And thank you for the 5 star review. This really means a lot for us. We will try to get better, and keep you guys interested in this MOD.
  11. Klodian Stafa
    Klodian Stafa
    Version: 1.4
    exellent best of best everything fixed ( tyres wear and ai driving extremlly fast while overtaking ) only on mclaren of alonso only when i race is number 22
    1. SkyFall
      Author's Response
      Thanks Bro, glad you liked it!!!
      You are SOOOO Lucky!!! It seems you just found yourself a CODE BUG!!! LOL!!! When you select ALONSO #14 McLAREN, you will see that it´s him in the garage, it´s him inside the car wearing his gloves, Car #14 on the Car Monitor (Where you change your setups), and even Car #14 in the external camera view and grid line. You will even spot #22 J.BUTTON as your team mate running by you. When you enter the pit to change front wing and hood....#14. But in the drivers view #22!!!!! ROFL!!!! We will try to check this out.... I think it might be the HighLOD/lowLOD code... Thanks for pointing this one out.
  12. Samuele Vimercati
    Samuele Vimercati
    Version: 1.3
    I have a problem that the AI cars all seem to have a massive straight line speed performance over me. I tried in Mercedes, Ferrari, Haas and Renault and every time I was being completely destroyed on the straights by cars in a lower 'tier'.

    For the rest it looks great, would be nice to know if there's a fix for this or if it's meant to be like that.

    Thanks and great work on the mod, mate!
    1. SkyFall
      Author's Response
      Samuele Vimercati, thanks for the review. No it´s NOT meant to be like that...LOL. In the original CodeMasters AI, all you had to do was keep the apex, hold the race line and you could win a race just blocking everyone behind you. I hated that. So I started designing a AI that could be more aggressive... Brake late... Try to take you out... MOD v1.4 has finally reached a balance between playable game and giving you a challenge.
      Please, give it a try.... and let us know what you think.
  13. Sammy252
    Version: 1.3
    the work you have done in this mod is just excellent.. i wanted to ask you that have you provided the tracks file of 2016 as well in any of these versions or you are working on it at the moment ?
    1. SkyFall
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the excellent review. Per RaceDepartment rules and adhering to the "Fair Use" Copyright infringement policy, we can NOT provide any code/tracks/car models that where not present in the original F1-2013 Game License (that you purchased).
      So any NEW Tracks on this MOD will be "Emulated" using the ones provided on the Game. We are looking into this issue and have found an awesome solution for it....we just need to decide if it is going to be an ADD-ON to this MOD or if we are going to include it in the next download (It´s a BIG file).
  14. Klodian Stafa
    Klodian Stafa
    Version: 1.3
    cool but some mistakes u think
    tyres gone to fast i raced with hard and in 8 laps my car slips in track and when i saw the tyre wear red wtf in 4-5 laps with soft when i use supersoft it mean that they will gone with 1 or 2 laps

    drivers when they are behind me take a speed of 20km/h faster what a overtake and a gap created within 200meters even if i take perfect turn

    everythink else perfect please see this problems
    1. SkyFall
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review, and sorry to post this answer so late (But I did answer your mail LOL).
      Tyre wear has been solved in MOD v1.4 you will notice a very good improvement over Career Mode/GP Mode, This is a CodeMasters issue and it takes a lot of tweaks to get the right combination. Please review this MOD v1.4 and tell us how it went? The AI has been re-designed and adjusted to a more enjoyable version, also the Power Units have been re-calibrated. Hope you like it!!!
      Regards, SKYFALL.
  15. Msfan98
    Version: 1.3
    Nice mod mate! :) I really like the liveries! I have a question: Since I upload videos on YouTube and this mod is absolutely fantastic, I wanted to ask you whether you could give me permission to upload videos with this mod? That would be so nice from you
    1. SkyFall
      Author's Response
      Please YES!!!! If you make a video or Season or Career (or anything!!!!) we will be very grateful!!!! (Just remember to give the credits where they are due).
      If you make a Video please let me know, so I can also share it at:

      Thanks for your support!!! Good Luck.
  16. Thang Nguyen
    Thang Nguyen
    Version: 1.3
    If you added the Austria track I'd give you 5 stars!
    1. SkyFall
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review. By RaceDepartment policy we are NOT allowed to bring Coded Files from one game into another since this violates the "Fair Use" Copyright infringement and we could get banned (Deleted) from this site. That is why we made the 2016 Season Cars using ONLY F1-2013 wireframes and materials.
      Maybe we can "Emulate" or substitute one track for another...If we can get around this Track limitations I will try to import Sochi, Hockenheim, Mexico, Spielberg and Baku (and Valencia from F1-2012)....;)
  17. IAm Ilias00
    IAm Ilias00
    Version: 1.3
    I don´t know if the problem is only in my game but Wehrlein and Alonso reaching always the top 5 in Qualifying and Alonso wins and Wehrlein gets always points. Thats unrealistic but ist the only problem
    1. SkyFall
      Author's Response
      I hate this problem too, LOL. I noticed that the F1-2013 game has pre-defined starting Grid order in Quick-Race/GP Mode (at game launch Alonso was World Champion so he gets a lot of Top rows). That is why you get unrealistic performances with some teams. In Career mode and Full day Q with the new power unit adjustment, it balances much better.
      I will try to correct this but it varies according to TIER Level and RACE.... That´s 21 races x 4 TIER x 11 Teams = 924 data corrections ::mad::mad::unsure:... (maybe someone will pick it up???)
      Keep in touch.
  18. Dodgerous
    Version: 1.3
    Fantastic !!! You have made a very good job !!!

    Many thanks
  19. YeBossKiller
    Version: 1.3
  20. silidus
    Version: 1.3
    Love this more! Awesome like always
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