Sky Sports Reporter Pack 2019-02-11

Sky Sports shirts and microphone for the reporter and cameraman

  1. Littlefysh
    Very basic edit of the 4 textures for the reporter, her cameraman and her microphone.

    Changes their shirts to black/grey and replaces the generic logo with a Sky Sports one.
    Also changes the microphone to red and replaces that logo too.


    The usual .erp manual install or drag + drop.
    If you use manual method it's the interview.erp file you want to edit.

    Should not replace/conflict with anything but if you do have any issues do message me
    so I can fix it and/or warn others.

    Many Thanks,
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Recent Reviews

  1. Jayrenz Julian
    Jayrenz Julian
    Version: 2019-02-11
    Work well thanks men
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