SKY (PURE & SOL) 1.31

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S K Y G T:
"twilight & night contrast level" is now "night contrast level" with increased maximum value from 1.010 to 1.040.
This change fixes twilight and night time contrast discrepancy. So now adjusting your global contrast level should be easier and work fine.
Since the release of S K Y G T at the beginning of December, I have been working on S K Y for 2 whole months. I spent WAY more time than I intended, this is crazy. The time I've put on to improve and refine S K Y as much as possible was worth it. I made so many changes and tweaks that I cannot even count how many changes I've made since the release of 1.2, so here's the gist of what I've done since the end of last Year:

S K Y G T:

Changes to the tonemapping function to make the image cleaner and better. Thanks to that, I was able to increase the glare luminance, making sun specular super toxic just like GT7's

Reworked exposure to mimic the look of GT7 and make the ppfilter much more photogenic. You'll notice that the glare is adaptive, especially in tunnels and other dark areas.
This makes S K Y G T very unique, a feature you won't see in any other ppfilters.

I added sliders to allow you to make fine tuning for day, twilight and night time.

Night time should look much to closer to GT7's.
Overcast conditions have better lighting and properly lit
Sun rays look far more realistic and reflections should look a lot less overblown.

S K Y:

Massive improvement to the colors. S K Y looks extremely closer to its SOL version. Color temperature is reverted back to a cooler setting to capture more colors during twilight time.

The pp tab is simplified to provide an easier and curated experience.

I added additional sliders to control night bounced lights and stars brightness

Sun rays are far more realistic and majestic. They look way too good.

So these are all the changes made to S K Y! Remember, Pure is changing and still in development! Things will change for the better, in fact, I am already reworking some stuff to use the newest Pure features to its fullest.

Please update to PURE 0.154. I also removed the guide. I rather have everyone help each other. I am very active on Discord, this is where I get most of my feedback for S K Y and respond to issues the most. So if you have anything to say regarding S K Y, feel free to join!

With all of that said, I really do hope you all will enjoy this update!



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Sun rays should be completely fixed, thanks to Peter!
Thank you Toni from from AEO Boyz for extra help!

I also added a PURE and SOL version of S K Y M A X CSP settings.

S K Y 1.2 update introduces a new feature called Calculated VAO, basically reduces the VAO amount when the car is in a vao area. S K Y uses a higher amount of occlusion to add depth to lighting, but can result to extreme dark areas, so calculated VAO is implemented to alleviate that issue!

S K Y 1.2

Known issues:
-Investigating why sun rays appear at night

-Visual improvements for "S K Y G T" PPFilter
-New "calculated VAO" checkbox for all S K Y PPFilters

Major changes:
S K Y PPFilter
-Renamed Bad monitor to Black level compensate
-Checking "Super dramarama night" automatically disable stars/dynamic
-Fixed intense deep blue ambient level during midday when sun is above 50 degrees.

S K Y G T PPFilter:
-Reworked lighting to match GT7/Sport's lighting closer
-Removed Color Grading to alleviate loss of colors
-Slightly reworked glares at night to alleviate glaring glares
-Increasing stars brightness above 1000 automatically disable stars dynamic
-Tunnels should properly be lit
-Fixed and improved sun rays light and colors
-Fixed intense deep blue ambient level during midday when sun is above 50 degrees.
This is S K Y 1.1, introducing a new variant of S K Y called "S K Y G T".

As the name suggest, this is a ppfilter inspired by Gran Turismo graphics. Note it is not meant to be a 1 to 1 copy of GT Sport/GT7 visuals. It is a variant made to achieve a simpler, more natural look, with 0 bloom. Glare effects and lighting are heavily inspired by the 2 latest GT games. S K Y G T also brings new options such as "extra lighting calculations": this basically modifies the sun and shadow presences on "Scattered Clouds" weather for a little more realistic representation of how occluded sun light causes shadows to be faint.

S K Y receives visual changes as well. You can read what has changed below!

What's new in S K Y 1.1:
-New "S K Y G T" PPfilter and LUA file for Pure
-Big visual improvements for "S K Y" ppfilter
-New CSP settings for 1.80
-Video tutorial by SirSpats Gaming included in the guide

Major changes:
S K Y PPFilter:

-Overhauled lighting to address "vomit" colors. Colors are greatly improved, especially during midday
-"Clear sky"/"No clouds" weather lighting massively improved, now literally playable
-Added "bloom threshold" slider
-Fixed Godrays. Godrays should now appear as they should
-Fixed intense blue "nlp.lowest_ambient" at night
-Improved glare and stars
-More unlocked Pure config "Light" sliders

CSP Settings Changes:
-Improved CSP settings: clearer AA, better shadows

Video Settings Changes:
-Changed mirror resolution to 256x1024

-New Neck FX settings called "S L X C K wobble 1", basically replicating GT7's cockpit view.

Also over 100,000 views and 25,000 downloads!
This is insane, thank you so much for using S K Y, it is now much better than before! I hope you all will enjoy the update, please enjoy!
The guide was missing an important information I left out by accident. My apologize again, I have uploaded the image so you don't have to download the mod again!


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I used a powerpoint file instead of a pdf export for the guide, sorry about that! :cautious:
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I am finally releasing the anticipated S K Y 1.0, introducing the Pure version!

I want to thank Ciba, the creator of C13 Camera Obscura for allowing me to use his Lua file in order to create S K Y for Pure!

Update includes a guide, simplified installation procedure and of course, the Pure version!

Thank you guys for your support and as always let me know if you encounter any issues, thank you!


-Optimized PURE version of "S K Y" Filter is released
-New guide

Major changes:
-"S K Y D R E A M" becomes "S K Y". The "D R E A M" version is redundant for a simple task of removing bloom. Users can easily adjust the bloom luminance by editing the ppfilter.
-Removal of CSP's setting "S K Y M E D I U M".
-Removal of SOL pages screenshots. There's now a much simpler installation.
-Simpler instructions

CSP Changes:
-Changed Ambient Occlusion type in Extra FX from "OLD" to "HBAO+ by NVIDIA".
-Some minor CSP changes
-Disabled "Chaser Camera" to avoid braking scripts

Video Settings Changes:
-Increased MIP LOD Bias from -2 to 0. Setting the value to "-2" created intense texture sharpness, most noticable on the drivers gloves.

-Increased exposure bright and dark adaptation speeds
-Reduced bloom by half

SOL config:
-Reduced fog bloom
-Reduced stars exponent for brighter stars

-New Neck FX settings called "S L X C K GT". Much more realistic than previous version.
-Minor instructions changes
-Checked "Lighting FX" for Medium setting
-Medium settings added
-Unchecked V-sync on Max settings