Skoda fabia R5 Quentin Giordano (Sebastien Loeb Racing) 1.6

Skoda fabia R5 Quentin Giordano (Sebastien Loeb Racing)

  1. El_nounourso
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Recent Reviews

  1. Julius triumphans
    Julius triumphans
    Version: 1.5
    Skins can be made with 4096 x 4096. But the finish is good.
    However, anyone can easily obtain the latest version of the car, but I have only the old version, so the car does not make a good move.
    1. El_nounourso
      Author's Response
      Hi I did not know that we could do the skin in 4096 x 4096 im gonna patch it and I put the new version of the car in the description between two pic :)
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