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Skip Barber for Assetto Corsa 1.2

The loved skippy now for Assetto Corsa

  1. Skip Barber for Assetto Corsa V1.2

    Daniel Jimenez
    ¡A mystery! Just kidding, minor physics and graphic update to increase pc performance and online fluid experience.
    New Skins.
  2. Skip Barber for Assetto Corsa

    Daniel Jimenez
    V1.1 Changelog:

    • Aerodynamics changes
    - Reduced aerofoil drags slightly
    - Moved rear floor position slightly
    - Changed floor sensitivities
    - Combined redundant fins into one: smaller replay size

    • Suspensions/chassis changes
    - Corrected front lower control arm, tie rod
    - Changed default toe slightly
    - Lowered inertias

    • Drivetrain changes
    - Added inertia to hopefully simulate needing to lift on shifts: not supported in AC
    - Modified shift timings to hopefully incentivize blipping...
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