Skip Barber for Assetto Corsa

Skip Barber for Assetto Corsa 1.4

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The Skip Barber arrives to Assetto Corsa, it is my first car mod so be gentle, but off course your opinion will be noticed to make improvements.
Special tahnks to Kyuubeey, he is the man of the physics! AMAZING JOB !

if you like it, invite me to a beer! here is my patreon:
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Special thanks mike12345678 for engine curve.
Kyuubeey for the amazing physics.
DrPenguin87 for the test driving and good job with feedback.
Aratbone, CC and formulaHEINE for the materials help and patience.
garyjpaterson for his fast master modeling classes.
SWRT-team for the support and testing.

A very nice community to work with.

You will find a Skin template psd in the textures folder.







Skip barber at Sim Racing System


But most important of all, enjoy it, fly with that little monster on the road, make it suffer!
Early review by Heikki
Daniel Jimenez
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    06.08.2019 Version 1.3 IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: ERASE YOUR OLD SKIP BARBER FOLDER. Do not merge...
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    Changelog. ¡A mystery! Just kidding, minor physics and graphic update to increase pc performance...
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Latest reviews

Good old fashioned skip :) I wish there was an H pattern version, but i've made my own version haha. Thanks again!
excelent mod

the cars have 4k texture? because drop some fps when i drive with this car
downloaded, raced , finished last. but I don't care enjoyed every lap, thanks for making this mod .
Could someone tell me how to paint the blured_rim file without making the rim look like a large disk. Thanx!
finally got this working. what a fun drive. Thank you
awesome! Thanks!
I meant to edit my earlier rating/post but I don't know how. So adding a new one here.

After spending time testing this car, I think I get why there is divided and seemingly conflicting comments about the grip levels. Some say it has too little grip, others say it has too much. Both are right. :)

It has very low grip on the front, so it is very easy to lock-up and understeer. It can therefore be very frustrating to attack corners and the car requires some restraint on corner entry. As such, it demands exquisite trail braking.

On the other hand, it has too much rear grip. I can get on the throttle early, without being careful about how much, and not worry about losing the back. I rarely have to correct a rear slide. Liftoff oversteer is very easy to tame. It happens, but the momentum of the tail is easy to catch because the rear tires grip. In other small cars with skinny tires, catching with the throttle often makes things worse.

Anyway, just my attempt at understanding the two sides to this conversation...
Great mod but should be manual transmission not paddle.
Very fun car and taught me how to trail brake correctly. Took me a bit to get used to, but definitely worth it.
Great physics and one of my favorite cars. Thanks so much
Very nice mod
But you dont have the option to change the tyres to national like you can in rfactor2 for example sooo i dont know why to play this in assetto corsa with this garbage tyres
If you add the national tyres option then this mod is perfect with ton of fun
I love it !
perfect job
great fun to drive
great car!!
When trying to open file using WinRar I get a message saying it is corrupted. Already downloaded a couple of time. Would you mind checking it? Thanks!
Daniel Jimenez
Daniel Jimenez
your win rar is old, you need the latest version of it. Or install it via CM. Nobody else has had that issue. Let me know if it worked
A mi me sucede como al compañero, ademas en el online de assetto, me aparece como si no lo tuviera, pero en carreras locales puedo jugarlo perfectamente
Daniel Jimenez
Daniel Jimenez
hola! te contesto lo mismo bro, SRS está usando la versión 1.3 porque cuando empezó la temporada en SRS aun no existía la 1.4. Supongo que para cuando vuelvan a usarlo será ahora si la 1.4