Skip Barber for Assetto Corsa

Skip Barber for Assetto Corsa 1.3

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The Skip Barber arrives to Assetto Corsa, it is my first car mod so be gentle, but off course your opinion will be noticed to make improvements.
Special tahnks to Kyuubeey, he is the man of the physics! AMAZING JOB !

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Special thanks mike12345678 for engine curve.
Kyuubeey for the amazing physics.
DrPenguin87 for the test driving and good job with feedback.
Aratbone, CC and formulaHEINE for the materials help and patience.
garyjpaterson for his fast master modeling classes.
SWRT-team for the support and testing.

A very nice community to work with.

You will find a Skin template psd in the textures folder.





Skip barber at Sim Racing System


But most important of all, enjoy it, fly with that little monster on the road, make it suffer!
Early review by Heikki
Daniel Jimenez
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    Changelog. ¡A mystery! Just kidding, minor physics and graphic update to increase pc performance...
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Latest reviews

I like it. Good work. But I agree with Lafrente that there's something missing compared to the rF2 version. If you haven't tried the Skippy on Regional tires in rF2, then you really should. To me, that's the benchmark of how a car feels when driven at the limit. While I've never driven a Skippy in real life, I have driven lots of different cars on track and the rF2 Skippy is the nearest I can get to the feel of that. This is still a great model, and congrats on a job well done.
I really love this car. I'm surprised someone reviewed it and said it was too grippy. I did not find that at all. I really liked the feel of this car. I think a great job was done with physics. Chris hayes did a great review on this car here ( I agree with his thoughts)
great mod, i love it :)
Finally in AC. Great mod!
Now I haven't ever driven this car in real life but I have in RF2 and iRacing. Most of the times AC mods are above iRacing and hold their ground against RF2, most of the times actually being better than RF2.

The mod in RF2 really makes you feel like you are in a learner car. It literally doesn't allow you to do anything stupid that a rookie would do. You always kinda have to keep the balance of the car and drive it like a ballerina. That seems to be the case also when you watch the onboard videos of the car on youtube, which can give you a pretty solid idea what it feels like to drive the car.

This mod though, is just too typical, it doesn't slide around, it doesn't have any special characteristics that this particular car has, you can brake and turn at the same time easily and still recover easily, you can basically do all the dumb things you do as a beginner and not pay for it. This mod feels like it is not aware of the thin tiny gripless tires that it has, and seems like not aware why it was even created in the beginning. Which was to make the racers drive in a correct way.

I'd like to see this feel less grippy, more slidy but also controllable in a smooth way but not allowing you to do reckless stuff. Thats pretty much what this car is.
Daniel Jimenez
Daniel Jimenez
Hi Lafrente. I do really appreciate that you take the time to test it, and give it a chance. Is interesting cause a lot of people liked it, other ones complain a lot that it slides too much, and you are one of the few who says that it needs less grip, so we are moving in a wide range of opinions and feedback where pleasuring everyone is very difficult, or almost imposible, (there are even people who claims the speedometer shouldn't be sideways) but the feedback and importance that you and other people gives to this mod (even if dont like it) is what makes this community and mods special and get better every day, We appreciate it. Also thank you for the kind and nice way you show your thoughts, some people can be rude and disrespectful, not you :) see you arround.
Fantastic. So much fun.
Great work. Superb physics.
Daniel Jimenez
Daniel Jimenez
Kyuubeey did the physics job, and he amazes everybody as always, thanks for sharing your thoughts
Great job to everyone involved the car is awesome.
I loved this mod. I have never ridden this car in real life but this mod gives an incredible sense of control (and loss). Each race is a fantastic immersion.
Daniel Jimenez
Daniel Jimenez
Fun racing, is what we keep in mind with this project, thank you for comment and rating :) see you on track!
Wow, what an absolutely stunning digital recreation of the Skip Barber Formula 2000. The physics are spot on: throttle-off oversteer is just right, and untidy entries are righteously punished with slow corner exit speeds instead of excessive, unrealistic spinouts. This little Skippy is the Socrates of the virtual driving world.
Daniel Jimenez
Daniel Jimenez
Thanks for taking time to rate and give your feedback, Kyuubeey did a amazing job with the physics. We are vey happy with the result.
Great upgrade to an already enjoyable mod. Thank you!
very nice. i like it.
Looks really good, thanks you!
This is absolutely outstanding, especially with the most recent update. Very well done - the physics are great, performance is very good, and this car is an absolute hoot to drive.
Daniel Jimenez
Daniel Jimenez
Nice to see you liked it, we work hard on it, Kyuubeey did an amazing physics job, and I try to to my best at graphics, so is nice to see people spare som time to give feedback and rating. See you on the track mate.
wow!!! perfect update my friend, 100% more real, new sol mod look very beautiful interior and exterior, thanks for this update.-
Daniel Jimenez
Daniel Jimenez
Well, Sol is amazing and makes everything looks better, so my humble 3d modeling surely looks better with sol hehe, thanks for comment and rating mate
Spectacular work, thank you for sharing.
Great update! The square tires had been bugging me, this improved model is much better. Had a lot of fun driving it around Zandvoort.
Daniel Jimenez
Daniel Jimenez
haha yeah, it hapened to me too, was the first thing I changed. Glad you liked it mate, have fun!
Great update Dan. Thanx.
i come from Forza, and I thank you for bringing this.
I also download VIR, this is my learning combo!
Daniel Jimenez
Daniel Jimenez
You will learn a lot with that combo! hope you enjoy it mate!
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