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Skip Barber for Assetto Corsa

Skip Barber for Assetto Corsa 1.5

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The Skip Barber arrives to Assetto Corsa, it is my first car mod so be gentle, but off course your opinion will be noticed to make improvements.
Special tahnks to Kyuubeey, he is the man of the physics! AMAZING JOB !

if you like it, invite me to a beer! here is my patreon:
Or my paypal:

Special thanks mike12345678 for engine curve.
Kyuubeey for the amazing physics.
DrPenguin87 for the test driving and good job with feedback.
Aratbone, CC and formulaHEINE for the materials help and patience.
garyjpaterson for his fast master modeling classes.
SWRT-team for the support and testing. https://www.facebook.com/SWRTSimRacing/.

A very nice community to work with.

You will find a Skin template psd in the textures folder.







Skip barber at Sim Racing System


But most important of all, enjoy it, fly with that little monster on the road, make it suffer!
Early review by Heikki
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Latest updates

  1. Version 1.5

    Added skins ui_skin.json files for being able to be used in some online platforms like simracing.gp
  2. Skip Barber for Assetto Corsa V1.4

    Physics update by Kyuubeey (also known as Arch) ,thanks mate! Also added alekabul collider...
  3. Skip Barber for Assetto Corsa V1.3

    06.08.2019 Version 1.3 IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: ERASE YOUR OLD SKIP BARBER FOLDER. Do not merge...

Latest reviews

Fantastic car to race in, perfect for people who want to start out driving open wheelers but want to have a slower and more forgiving pace. Only concern I have would be that some of the materials/textures could use a revision but it's nothing huge since 1. I don't have perfect reference photos to check how they should look and 2. it's not a bug, i.e. it doesn't affect how the car drives.
It works out of 10, the only thing I would like is to be able to have the alpine skin :(
remind me NetKar Pro,thank you so much.
I'm not big on open wheel cars but this thing is an absolute blast to drive!
So much fun to drive! Really nice physics here.
Really fun openwheeler to drive. Thx to all people involved
Best regards
Wonderful and fun to drive! Thank you!
Thanks so much for this amazing little car, handling is spot on and the chassis tuning works just the way it should. Amazing fun and a real challenge!
This car drives and handels really well, its a lot of fun to race! Only the tire tread texture isnt the best and the missing brake temps are some minor issues, but overall its a awsome car!
This is the kind of car every game needs: an open wheeler you control with your feet as much as with your hands. It swings and sways in a way that opens up different lines through a corner but is stable within its limits and has an enjoyable power to weight ratio. Great work with the modelling!
This is so much fun! Thank You!
What a gem. You made my day.
Thank you sir for your effort.
Just so much fun for a 75 year old newbie to drive. I keep going back for more!
Daniel Jimenez
Daniel Jimenez
Glad to Know that. Thank you and all the people who takes the time to comeback and leave a messagem very kind :) enjoy it mate!
Merci nice model. Happy to get the barber in AC finally.
Merci pour ce mod. Très réussi, adhérence et physique cohérentes, manque juste la boite en H.
Daniel Jimenez
Daniel Jimenez
Thank you, about the H gearing, it does not exist on skip barber, so thats why its not included, it wouldn´t be realistic. Bu thanks for your opinion
Wonderful to drive, many thanks!
Excellent, thank you :)
Really good, nice handling and fun to race.

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