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Skins - 420R Racecar

Skins - 420R Racecar 1.5c

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Brilliant versions of these cars. So much fun, and easy to get out of shape but still hold on to....just about!!
0k Thank
good job! thanks for the skins
ok Skins Thank You
0k Skins Gracias ;)
=) Gracias =)
Great skins! Thanks for the update!
0k Skins Gracias ;)
Fantastic skins for a great car, which is one of my favorites to drive in the game! Thank you!
Awesome skins. Thank you so much.
excellent thanks Ben
Thank you Mr Ben ;)
Excellent, goes without saying. And I do love this car (as I love all Ben's Cats. ;-)
Fantastic! Thanks very much for releasing these. They are a great addition to a GREAT car!
Telepathy. I swear I was going to sit down tonight and start making more skins for this puppy after creating one for myself last week, and like magic...good on ya Ben!
Ben O'Bro
Ben O'Bro
ehe telepathy indeed, i heard it in my sleep!
I'd be curious to see what you did ;)