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Skin Templates - Formula RSS 3 V6

Skin Templates - Formula RSS 3 V6 1.1

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Skin templates for the Formula RSS 3 V6

I've tried to keep it reasonably logical but ask if you're unsure about how something works.

Includes 3D PSD templates too.

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Latest updates

  1. Formula RSS 3 V6 Skin Templates + Tyre Templates

    Included templates (3D + 2D) for tyres.

Latest reviews

accurate PSD template (which can be opened in GIMP aswell), nice precalculated AO, the additional 3d PSD makes the "live painting" job very easy
Thanks for that! I'm gonna try to do the Tyrrell 022 livery on Photoshop CS3 since the other versions could freeze my computer.
Thanks for supplying the templates. I have a question though: i'm painting the car in 3D with Photoshop CC 2015. How do i make sure i get my 3D model into Assetto Corsa?
Not quite sure what you mean about getting the 3D model into AC, the model already is in AC! If you have any questions though, please post them in the support thread and I'll see what I can do.
This is another level of templates. It includes a 3d photoshop model in which you can put your skin and even made modifications directly in the 3d model.
Thanks for the templates! I hope someone makes a Toro Rosso skin!
Thank you for this templates :)