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skin Red bull abarth_1000tc 1.1

abarth_1000tcr,skin, Red bull abarth

  1. peppinosan
    For fans like me of the Abarth 1000 tc I made a livery inspired by the livery of the Volkswagen Polo R WRC. Hope you like it

    Per gli appassionati come me della abarth_1000tc ho preparato una livrea ispirata alla livrea della Volkswagen Polo R WRC. Spero vi piaccia
    Versione 1.1
    Adding helmet and overalls red bull is thanked TTM for files suit and helmet S├ębastien Ogier

    2 mix abarth.jpg abarth 1000Tc 4.jpg abarth 1000Tc 3.jpg Screenshot_abarth_1000tcgr2_simtraxx_monte_erice_0.75_25-1-116-12-49-26.jpg abarth 1000Tc 5.jpg


    1. abarth 1000Tc 2.jpg
    2. abarth 1000Tc 6.jpg
    3. abarth 1000Tc 7.jpg
    4. abarth 1000Tc 8.jpg
    5. abarth 1000Tc 9.jpg
    6. abarth 1000Tc 10.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. pikaman
    Version: 1.1
    Excellent! Thank you.
  2. gepponoia
    Version: 2016-01-22
    Grandioso!!! Aspetto speranzoso altre skin
  3. Vautour Boiteux
    Vautour Boiteux
    Version: 2016-01-22
    Great ! not easy to work with this template,isn'it ?Great job for the three skins you made
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