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Skin pack ACL GTC Shelby Cobra 289 Hardtop

Skin pack ACL GTC Shelby Cobra 289 Hardtop 1.0

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*** As a boring guy likes to report all my posts to be deleted and RD approve his excessive requests, I am forced to republish this post for the second time. So hurry and download it before it gets deleted once again.

Really sorry guys, but you won't be able to have the same tires as on the preview. Download tire textures elsewhere or do them yourself as I can (but apparently that's not enough). ***

Almost x30 skins based on real cars that you can see at historic racing events like Goodwood Revival, Tour Auto with stickers and numbers.

Thanks to Spudknuckes for making the headlights tape. Check out his account for more nice historic racing skin !

I hope you'll enjoy the pack Pepper and don't forget that I made these skins, so ask me before you can play with it. ;)

The others, have fun and do not hesitate to share your work, after all, the platform is made for that!

Skin Cobra.jpg

Latest reviews

Thanks for creating such a great set of skins, they look amazing in game nice work!
Amazing pack, 10/10 (seeing as Spud made the Hairy Canary car!) - thanks for posting.

I hope there's something the mods can do about the reporting system if it's just one user with personal beef.
Thanks for the stars. I also hope, otherwise I should find another place to share them...
Its a great pack. Thanks for sharing and caring.
File size
28.9 MB
First release
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User rating
5.00 star(s) 4 ratings

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