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Skin Creation Automation - Zonda R 1.0

Information on how to automate the process of making Zonda R skins in AC

  1. Esotic
    This ZIP contains Python scripts for extending Gimp, XCF template image files for autogenerating/mass creating Pagani Zonda R Skins, and AU3 files to be used with AutoIT for running windows level macros (automating various software).

    The skins created by running these scripts is here: http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/ac-pagani-zonda-r-skin-pack.7195/

    Output Example:

    Desktop example for generating skins:

    Desktop example for generating previews:

    Custom Gimp Python Scripts:

    From the instructions:

    "This method for automagically creating skins in Assetto Corsa requires a few softwares and a little patience, and will probably feel a lot like watching a Rube Goldberg machine. This technique works well for iterating designs for small batches of skins or creating tens (or hundreds) at a time. I'm going to try my best to hit all the major points for getting this up and running. If you have specific questions about any particular piece you should be able to get answers with some quick googling or a post to the forum thread. The files included in this ZIP should work for creating Zonda R skins, but there will need to be some adjusting to replicate this automation to work with other cars. I'll provide screenshots as needed, and will hopefully remember to include helpful hints and describe relevant limitations/assumptions. Even if you don't run these scripts in their entirety they may spark some understanding or creativity in how you approach skin creation."
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