skin Alitalia abart 1000TC 2016-01-23

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  1. peppinosan
    Hello dear fans after sharing with you my 4 skin for Fiat Abarth 1000TC today I propose a livery fiat Alitalia is one of my favorites after the martini racing. See you soon Peppinosan

    Ciao cari appassionati dopo aver condiviso con voi le mie 4 skin per fiat Abarth 1000TC oggi vi propongo una livrea fiat alitalia รจ una delle mie preferite dopo la martini racing. A presto Peppinosan abarth_1000tc Alitalia.jpg abarth_1000tc Alitalia1.jpg abarth_1000tc Alitalia2.jpg abarth_1000tc Alitalia3.jpg abarth_1000tc Alitalia6.jpg abarth_1000tc Alitalia3.jpg abarth_1000tc Alitalia5.jpg


    1. abarth_1000tc Alitalia4.jpg
    2. abarth_1000tc Alitalia7.jpg
    3. abarth_1000tc Alitalia8.jpg
    4. abarth_1000tc Alitalia9.jpg
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