Singapore GP 2008 1.0

Singapore GP 2008

  1. David Buxton
    <== Singapore GP 2008 v1.0 ==>

    Conversion of the best Singapore version by Slimjim for rFactor.
    Thx him for authorization to convert it.

    ======First night track on GTR Evolution======

    To be able to drive at night, I’ve change the night ambient color for better illuminate and the possibility to drive in the night.

    I really hope you like this lighting version.

    &#61692; Test day: Day
    &#61692; Practice, qualify, warmup and Race: Night

    Version 1.0 :
    New AIW, 36 cars by Greybrad.
    Add animated Flagmarshal, etc.
    Textures optimization.
    New Lightnight more homogeneous.
    Rain Reflections.
    New Start Lights and PitLane Lights.
    Add People.
    Announcers & Crowsounds.

    &#61692; Slimjim for the initial rFactor version.
    &#61692; Greybrad for his AIW.
    &#61692; FranckyBB for nice LOD.
    &#61692; Aldac for his different test. Thx
    &#61692; Simbin for GTR Evolution.
    &#61692; 3dsimed, 3dsmax, PaintShopPro, notepad.

    Don't convert or change this track without permission.

    6eckofob at


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  1. Karl Kerr
    Karl Kerr
    Version: 1.0
    nother good track. looks great :)