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Singapore AIW Fix (deleted) 1.0

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Alternative AIW & TDF files for rF1/Game Stock Car version of : Singapore by slimjim

Important: I have NOT converted/uploaded any original files of the track for public use as I have no permission to do so.
These files are for use by those already have it.

The AIW that came with Singapore 2011 (and same one for 2010 version I believe) has several problems for offline racing, particularly when using it with open wheel cars:

The cars wheelspin on a number of bends, causing inconsistent lap times;

When a car is entering the pits, any car that is racing close behind, follows slowly toward the pit entrance before eventually veering away and continuing to race;

AI cars are regularly spinning or losing their rear end when driving too far onto the kerbs.

These AIW & TDF files have been created to resolve these problems, should be an improvement for most open wheel cars.


Simply back up your original AIW & TDF and insert these in their place.
NOTE you can use either one or both of these files, it is not necessary to use both of them if you do not like the grip changes, but I find it helps match the AI to the Player.


Changes made:
a significant increase in overall dry grip level for the player, and a further small increase in AI dry grip level, to balance player & AI performances, and to improve cornering and overall handling.

New fast path created. It is by no means perfect, as the AI are sometimes slightly wide of the apex on some turns, but they are no longer spinning on the kerbs and are running more consistent laps as a result.

New pit path created. Again, not perfect, but the pit entry is now working fully, and they enter the pits cleanly - cars racing past them will maintain a proper racing line and speed.
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