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Singapore - 3 Versions - New Textures and Lighting Revision 2

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Make sure you use 7 zip, otherwise you will have corrupted files
F1 2015 Boards and the 2015 Pit Perches were supplied by **krsskos**

Singapore ver #2. Less Brighter but more colors in the buildings. them Singapore ver #1...

Singapore ver #3. Brighter but less colors in the buildings.then Singapore ver #1

Personally I use ver #2, or ver1 sometimes, in my opinion, those are most realistic, resembling a slightly dirty and very colorful Asian city.

ver # 3 is the cleanest looking version! Game style track, not very realistic, no city is that clean!!!
re-uploaded 2.1 Best Version, with brighter lights
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re-uploaded 2.0 Best Version
2 additional Singapore versions. Total of 3 tracks to choose from
3D, HD, New Textures, New Lighting System 2.0....