SINGAPORE 2017 Reloaded 1.3

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  1. Daniel Paez
    SINGAPORE 2017 Reloaded 1.0
    This Mod is a Heavy Work of Several Weeks
    Mixing my textures and visión with the Amazing (One More Time) 2016 Singapore Update by Neffo's.

    Over Original 2014 Circuit.

    That's why i want to share it although it's a bit late

    I Try to Keep reasonable weight to Raise the FPS.
    Achieving a 60% less Weight respect to these 2016 Mod without losing quality
    Singapore and Monaco are very difficult circuits for Médiums PC when we meet Espectaculars Updates Mods like those of Neffo's or Climax F1 (I'm glad your Excelent return to f1 2014 Updates and take advantage to borrow a couple of textures (3)..sorry and thanks...I hope you do not leave us)
    - Pirelli, Rolex, Fly Emirates, DHL, Heineken Banners taken from real life. And Correct Places for Me.
    - Pit Wall 2017 All Teams
    - Reworked Terrain Banners at Box Line
    - Walls Colours
    - 2017 Pódium Texture

    Again thanks to Neffo's and ClimaxF1 for taking f1 2014 to the next level...

    Sorry for my Fatal English

    Long Life to F1 2014!!!


    1. upload_2017-9-18_23-55-6.png

Recent Reviews

  1. SERCAG29
    Version: 1.3
    Tremendo. Una consulta,¿crees que alguna vez sea posible que alguien suba el "verdadero" circuito de Bakú? Parece algo imposible, pero como también trajeron el de Valencia, India, Korea de otros Formula 1 al F1 2014..
    1. Daniel Paez
      Author's Response
      Gracias!...Siceramente, me encantaría que apareciera un Genio que pudiera adaptar Bakú de F1 2016, por ej. Pero creo que no se puede. Los otros circuitos que nombras están porque pertenecían al F1 2012, 2013 Etc, y simplemente los agregan modificando el programa. No hay que perder las esperanzas. Saludos
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