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SimTex-TireFactory-Megapack 1.0

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SimTex - Tire - Megapack!! DK1
Tires F1 A.jpg
Tires F1 B.jpg
Tires A.jpg
Tires B.jpg
Tires C.jpg

File size
195.4 MB
First release
Last update
4.53 star(s) 15 ratings

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Latest reviews

Just amazing. Saves me a lot work and Problems. Thanls!
the quality is great, my reason for a lower rating is that you have added the tyre sizes onto the sidewall. This is all good, but you have the Goodyear with 16" tyres and Pirelli's running 255/35R20 both pictured on the McLaren GT3, which has 18" wheels. for that reason alone i would not use these tyre templates unless the tyre size is correct for the vehicle
Very useful and top quality :-)
doesn't work, actually where you think i have to put the content? in skins doesn't work, if i put file(for example pirelli) inside another skin it doesn't work too. a folder instruction wouldn't be so bad ...
I love you guys you are so funny , there for adding to custom livery that the community make DK1 , Develepment KIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Really nice mate :D thanks for sharing
My man! This is the works!!
Suberb work, one of the best community offerings yet for modders.
Excellent work mate,Thanks for sharing.
Great improvements :)
Excekkent tires. Thanks.
Very nice addition to the new liveries! Car really looks sharp now!!
Excellent work , thanks
Wonderful Tires super work !!!