Simple realistic Gauge Mod 1.2

Adds red areas where needed to Satsuma and Ferndale

  1. shaunhuggins
    Hello MSC community:
    I have been playing MSC for a while now and thought one day why not add some of my own personalisation to the game? And so I played around with UAE and this is the result of a few little tweaks and additions from the first version that I made. This is a simple mod that is purely made to add some colour to the Satsuma and Ferndale gauges and give a little more realism.

    It simply adds some red areas to the following:
    •Temperature gauge on the Satsuma and Ferndale
    •Fuel gauge on Satsuma and Ferndale
    •Accurate period speed limit markings on Satsuma and Ferndale (60 and 100kph on Satsuma, 35 and 55mph on Ferndale)
    •7000rpm+ on addon tachometer for the Satsuma
    •Red positive terminal on battery gauge and red at 2-0 on the oil pressure gauge on Satsuma addon gauges
    •Green "P" marking on Ferndale gear indicator
    •Faded white Satsuma needles (all needles are now faded white)

    The stock gauges are pink to give a faded appearance as is the tacho to add more realism but the addon gauges are a slight bit darker than blood red to make them look new.
    The reason I have uploaded this is because it was my private mod but I decided why not release it to the world?
    Please don't hate on my first simple mod, it's free and I don't ask for any donations
    See pics for more info
    Read readme in .zip for instructions
    Any CONSTRUCTIVE feedback i.e more ideas, vehicles etc is highly welcomed
    20180116171705_1.jpg 20180116171721_1.jpg 20180116171724_1.jpg 20180116171950_1.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Dr. Death
    Dr. Death
    Version: 1.2
    Im not hating on it really for the quality but even installing it as it was said in the readme it would make my game crash. A shame really, i think this mod is one of those that should be part of the main game.
  2. ZombieTroopa
    Version: 1.1.1
    After the changes this has now become my go to dashboard textures excellent work
    1. shaunhuggins
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the support!
  3. ZombieTroopa
    Version: 1.0
    Would have preferred the texture images so I could hand pick the textures rather than just an .asset file but I still like the look.
    1. shaunhuggins
      Author's Response
      in the next update I will add the individual texture files, Thanks for the suggestion
  4. CptDonut
    Version: 1.0
    man i wish i knew how to make mods since there arent any people who wanna do mods that i want of course. and great job on yours.
    1. shaunhuggins
  5. Alexander192111
    Version: 1.0
    You did great for you first mod!It is pretty nice and useful if you want to stay at 50 km/h.
    Good work!When you will get used to it,you will probably make something bigger,like a plugin or a pack of textures for MSC.Good luck trying to make other mods!

    btw sorry for my english
    1. shaunhuggins
      Author's Response
      Thanks! It's nice to see you are seeing it for what it is and not what it isn't
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