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SimHub - TV Style Scrolling Leaderboards 3.5

Scrolling TV style leaderboards

  1. GarySwallow
    Leaderboards for use in SimHub.
    Tested with:
    Project Cars 2
    Assetto Corsa
    F1 2017
    RFactor 2 - including spectator mode
    IRacing - *not fully functional...yet

    1 scrolling for the bottom (or top) of the screen..(1920px wide)
    Scrolling Leaderboard Screenshot.PNG

    1 for the side...
    DarkDNF1.PNG MonoGloss1.PNG

    - Top 40 positions

    - Multiclass icons.. work in PCars2 and for standard classes of RF2.
    (If you tell me your custom class name I can add it...+ a custom icon if you want)

    - You/Opponent pit status for all supported games (RF2, F12017,PCars2,AssettoCorsa).
    - Number of pit stops for you/opponent.
    - Positions gained/lost since race start.
    (If you pause your game and lose data stream and then come back in to the game again, the positions lost/gained will mess up and start from your current position...sorry..)..

    - F12017 tyre compounds
    - RFactor 2 tyre compounds (use 'Additional Plugins option to turn on/off).
    - RRRE tyres

    - ALL FLAGS for PCars2, Assetto Corsa, F12017 and RF2 (I think)

    - Fastest lap time popup as/when fastest lap time is broken.
    Tells you who/how fast/what class and what car...

    - Project Cars 2 pit messages popup

    - 'Battle for X' random place popup with gap between drivers

    - DNF and DQ indications for RF2/PCars2 + an attempt at DNF for Assetto Corsa

    - THEMES (go to my Plugin options) (+ hidden F1 mode)
    DarkDNF1.PNG DarkDNF2.PNG DarkGloss1.PNG GreyGloss1.PNG GreyNoGloss1.PNG LightGloss1.PNG LightNoGloss1.PNG MonoGloss1.PNG
    - Scroll speed for scrolling leaderboard
    - RF2 tyre compound info selector


    Install Simhub:

    Drop both folders into Simhub/DashTemplates folder (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\SimHub\DashTemplates).

    You need to install my plugin (.dll file in the zip) to get the features to work.
    Drop it into the root directory of SimHub (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\SimHub), start SimHub and activate it in the Settings/Plugins section.
    Also save the OPTIONS file into the root folder - NOW SAVES YOUR SETTINGS :)

    Access the leaderboards from the dash picker menu.
    Select options in the plugins menu:

    If you cannot see the plugin inside Simhub then please check the security permissions of the dll file. Right click on the dll and click properties, click unblock then click ok.
    Restart Simhub and it should appear in the list of plugins.

    **Bugs/issues/limitations in 1st post of support section**

    DISCLAIMER: If you use these or take them and modify them....please leave a rating and credit me in some way as these are not just standard Simhub bits slapped together..there is custom coding etc that takes time and effort on my part (more than it should!).

    Please leave a message in the support section with links to youtube or screenshots of it in action..even if it has been modified to suit your needs.

    I would like to see where it has been used (and you may even get some more subscribers)..

    Happy Racing :)
    - Gary

Recent Reviews

  1. pepa143
    Version: 3.32
    Amazing job, thanks for everything!
    1. GarySwallow
      Author's Response
      You are welcome
  2. Borrer0
    Version: 3.31
    I love it. Thank you for your work
    1. GarySwallow
  3. FEAR
    Version: 3.31
    Nice work
    1. GarySwallow
  4. def972
    Version: 3.30
    Vraiment sympa, jolie travail !
    1. GarySwallow
  5. Nik_8501
    Version: 3.30
    OK , ho controllato a destra ma non è visibile, forse si può disabilitare nel config...da un fastidio. E poi non riesco ad installare la tua mod in ac non so in quale locazione.
    Se puoi dirmi come va installato
    1. GarySwallow
      Author's Response
      Hi Nik. My 'mod' is run using Simhub software..not AC. It puts an overlay over the top of the game but is not part of AC.
      Do you have Simhub installed?
  6. Nik_8501
    Version: 3.28
    su ac
    1. GarySwallow
      Author's Response
      I believe the bottom leaderboard in AC is disabled from the 'in session' menu that is on the right hand side of tne screen where you can choose the HUD elements to show on screen. I am not a big user of AC so one of the other users might be able to confirm this.
  7. Nik_8501
    Version: 3.24
    Come posso disattivare il leader-board originale nella parte inferiore dello schermo?
    1. GarySwallow
      Author's Response
      In AC or a different game?