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SimHub Headlight Flasher Plugin 2.0

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-Fixed Compatibility with SimHub v7.4.7 and beyond (for now). This is due to SimHub changing the Keyboard Emulator library this plugin uses too
-Added Message for when this problem arises in the future
-Fixed bug with rf2-Autoheadlight support soft locking SimHub when triggering the Flash Action while rf2 is not running
-rf2-Autoheadlight support is now default for new installs
-Fixed Enabled checkbox not being changeable (you could not turn it off)
-Added Tooltips explaining each Setting and what it does
-Added Revert Button to Revert changes that have not been applied
-Added Support for rFactor 2 Auto Headlight Aid
-Added FlashMessage Action, which flashes a configurable Text message in Morse Code
-Changed Warning Messages to be less Autistic and less Obnoxious
-Changed Default Flashlength from 250ms to 200ms (this only applies to fresh installs)
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