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Simhub Formula Template for Nextion (3.2") Screen 1.0

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I finally got around to updating/finishing the Nextion template for my F1 wheel, so wanted to share here.

It contains multiple pages with different pages for different cars:
Session Start screen

Race Sim Studio Formula Hybrid 2017

Kunos Ferrari SF70-H

Race Sim Studio Formula RSS 2

Race Sim Studio Formula RSS 4

Kunos Ferrari F2004

Kunos Porsche 919 Hybrid 2016

Obviously the 919 Hybrid is not a formula car, but I do use my Formula wheel rim with it so that's why it's included :cool:

I have replicated the screens from the in-game wheels of each car, mostly using a screenshot as a reference in Photoshop CC. However, both water and oil temp aren't available to Simhub to get the data so these show as 0 on all the pages. Everything else does work though including the ERS (where appropriate) state of charge and amount remaining for the lap.

Finally here's a video of it in action (from my YouTube channel):

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goood. thanks
Works great. Thanks for your effort :)
Fantastic. Is it possible to have for a nextion 4.3? Thanks
Thanks very much, great work!! Did you manage to make a version for the 3.5" by chance yet?
Awesome work, however for example ers bar doesnt work for me (ac,Pcars2, F12018)
Nice work, congratulations!
Could you make a web version compatible dash?
Thanks. Sorry didn't see your question sooner! A few people have asked for different sizes for Nextion screen as well (3.5",4.3"), so I will make those first and then move on to a dash studio version as well. I haven't used dash studio yet so I'll need to learn how it works.
Awesome work man well done!!