SimHub DRM Revival Dashboards

SimHub DRM Revival Dashboards 1.4

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I've had this dash made half a year ago but forgot to update it here on RaceDepartment.
Here's the patch notes:

- Added BMW 320 Turbo dash board

That's all :)

BMW 320 Turbo Scheme.png
Changelog v1.2 -> v1.3:

- Added Lancia Beta Turbo dashboard
- Completely new Porsche 935 dashboard with less awful Photoshop editing and better visual accuracy
- Added throttle position gauges to act as "boost" gauges on the following cars: Porsche 935, Toyota Celica, Lancia Beta

As always, for any support questions, post 'em here!
Changelog v1.1 -> v1.2

- Added Ford Capri dashboard (replaced vanilla oil pressure gauge with water temp gauge)
- Added 4 schematic pictures showing where what elements are on the dashboards
- Added a Readme.txt with information about the mod
BMW M1 Scheme.png Ford Capri Scheme.png Porsche 935 Scheme.png Toyota Celica Scheme.png
CHANGELOG v1.0 -> v1.1

- Changed Toyota Celica to show up in the rFactor DRM category
- Changed Porsche 935 yellow Oil light to not show when the pit limiter is on but when oil temperature is critically high
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