SimHub DRM Revival Dashboards 1.4

Drive the fastest Group 5 cars now with SimHub!

  1. OptimusRacing
    This is a little Dashboard collection I made myself for Wotever's wonderful telemetry program, SimHub.

    Of course, what you need, is the program itself:

    How to install it: Simply drop the "DashTemplates" folder into your SimHub main folder! You should see a new category, "rFactor DRM" with five new dashboards!
    - BMW 320 Turbo
    - Porsche 935 Turbo
    - BMW M1 Turbo
    - Toyota Celica Turbo
    - Ford Capri Turbo
    - Lancia Beta Turbo

    This pack is mainly for use on your phone or external monitor! I do not know nor do I guarantee that everything works fine on any other kind of display!
    Also, this pack is mainly for use in the game rFactor combined with the DRM Revival 2.0b mod! It works with other mods as well, but I don't guarantee that it works in other games too since it uses GameRawData from rFactor for some items like shift lights and RPM gauges! (Might be one thing to change to improve compatibility)
    ALSO - I do NOT own sims like Assetto Corsa, Project CARS (1&2) and rFactor 2 so if you wish to have it work on your sim of choice and some parts do not work, please get in touch with me via review, or the discussion thread to help development/fixes of this dashboard pack! Thank you!

    - Nothing, unless some faulty things are pointed out to me.

    Anyway, I hope you like them, and maybe you got some recommendations on how to improve them!

    BMW M1 Scheme Picture
    BMW M1 Scheme.png
    Ford Capri Scheme Picture
    Ford Capri Scheme.png
    Lancia Beta Scheme
    Lancia Beta Scheme.png
    New Porsche 935 Scheme (v1.3)
    NEW Porsche 935 Scheme.png
    New Toyota Celica Scheme: (v1.3) Toyota Celica Scheme.png
    BMW 320 Turbo Scheme:
    BMW 320 Turbo Scheme.png
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Recent Reviews

  1. Tormentor
    Version: 1.1
    Any chance to do this for AC also? Thank you!
    1. OptimusRacing
      Author's Response
      It's pretty simple to use in AC as well, and if some certain parts of the dash don't work, simply mention it so I can fix it! :)
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