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  1. 6.4.6 - Forza Motorsports

    Hi !
    Holidays are coming for me, so things will get a bit slower for the next weeks, However before leaving to the sun and the sand, I wanted to publish a little "holiday release"

    What's new ?
    - Forza motorsport support, no udp hacks, router routing, etc ... SimHub will configure everything to let it run on your computer. The support however is basic, Speed and RPM for dash, and Wheel Slip, Speed/Rpm/Road vibration effects for Shakeit, but it's better than nothing :D
    - USDB480...
  2. 6.4.5 Sunday hotfix

    Hi !

    Little update in order to fix issues recently reported.

    What's new/fixed
    • Nextion : After screen switching data changed before the screen switch were not refreshed and required to wait the next change (gear for instance)
    • Nextion delay is now locked to 5ms minimum to prevent CPU over consumption
    • Iracing : Finally fixed audi R8 LMP1 preventing simhub so see the game as connected (mostly happened in online races)
    • New plugin for G533 battery monitoring.
    • Plugin...
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  3. 6.4.4 - Sunday is a sad day ... monday is too close

    what's new in 6.4.4 :

    - Removed "network" button when feature is disabled
    - Basic controls for arduino are now directly accessible from arduino panel
    - Replaced Simhub webserver with a more modern one which is more future proof
    - Fixed dashstudio outlined text (and they are now compatible with WEB). Coulours will probably reset due to some changes on the outline rendering.
    - Fixed a little JS error in dashs on web (should not change the behaviour)
    - Updated most of the used libraries
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  4. 6.4.3 - Hotfix

    Little 6.4.3 version, focused on hotfixes :

    - Missing widgets (deleted files) would prevent correct dash loading on web
    - Overlay save was broken
    - New option added to speedo to stop signal when under the minimum speed
    - Following IRacing update, engine map has been removed from telemetry and is now available in sessiondata
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  5. 6.4.2 - You never test enough !

    Little bug-fix :

    Some spaces were missing in the arduino displays, making everything misaligned.
  6. 6.4.1 Turbo lag

    Time for the big race, beta tests went really well, thanks for everyone for feedback !

    In addition, I want to thank @David Meek for making a beautiful lifting over the discord server ! Who would have thought one year ago that so many people would meet here. !
    I also want to thank @KevinSetz for starting this thing I never got the time to start, a website :D, It will probably open some new perspectives for SimHub...
  7. 6.4.0 Beta 3

    Following the feedbacks during the beta 2,

    - Fixed codies games
    - Implemented position on opponents on the moving map.

    Have fun !
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  8. 6.4.0 Beta 2

    Hi !

    Second beta, following the feedbacks got here and on discord :

    - Fixed IRacing Corner effects being too weak on ShakeIt
    - Better "pause" detection for the games allowing it in order to suspend feedback effects
    - Overlays now hides in RF2 menu
    - Added dials needle and radial gauge velocity, to keep smooth transitions between positions
    - "Smoothed" properties (rpm and speed) have been deprecated since it was a workaround for the miss of dial velocity, they won't be accessible anymore...
  9. 6.4.0 Beta

    Just the once will not hurt, I will put this one as a beta, I put a lot of effort into this release but no-one is perfect and some bugs may be hidden, do not hesitate to tell me if you find one !

    Changes Highlights :

    - Bass shakers are now supporting 4 channels output and lot of effects have been refined.

    - DashStudio refresh speed is now capped to a decent refresh rate, it's still possible to configure it as it was before, but i think this new default settings is the exact...
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  10. 6.3.9 - Hotfix

    Little hotfix mostly addressing the issues noticed since the last release :

    - Fixed Bass shakers frequencies not saved
    - Radar default scale is now using a valid value
    - Fixed some typos in editor and sketchs
    - Fixed arduino bridge for nextion where button sample was not working
    - Added automatic cleaning of best lap records
    - Tuned web automatic IP detection
  11. Sunday bloody sunday !

    This update has been running for long as a beta, so much changes to test ! However here we are !
    • NEW GAME SUPPORT : Kart racing pro
    • NEW Added temperature unit choice in the settings
    • SHAKEIT :
      • Fixed idle effect
      • Added per game settings
      • Option added to remove the "anti-humming" code on DK motor shield to get extra power
      • Option added to control the ShakeIt V2 board frequency
      • Ability to export and import effects profiles
  12. Iracing fix

    Little change as often (I should hire a tester team :D)

    - Fixed Iracing delta
    - Sometimes on game change the usbd480 luminosity was remaining to 0.
  13. 6.3.6 - Weekly release

    Hi !

    What's new ?

    - Updated to the latest version of the CrewChief RF2 plugin (v3.0.0.1 -
    - Finished lut reading for TC and ABS in AC (in some conditions AC reports wrong TC value and it may not match the real ingame level, but it's an AC bug)
    - Smoother live map for RF2 (thanks to The Iron Wolf for the infos)
    - Lighter record files for rf2
  14. 6.3.5 - Same player shoot again

    Hi !

    Edit : AC lut files are playing seek'n'hide, so ABS and TC levels won't work on all cars. I'm on it but it will be a bit harder that I excepted.

    Little hotfix, yesterday release contained some brand new features not really sturdy enough, a few coffees later, here comes the fixes :

    - Reworked LUT reading for TC and ABS level in AC
    - Added level count for ABS and TC in AC (<!> I can't detect the current AC settings so the number of level can't take into account...
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  15. 6.3.4 - Weekly update

    What's new ?

    - Dirt Rally "restart session" action (will send the required key combination to restart the stage)
    - Updated RF2 plugin to the latest CC version (Thanks to @Chriski for notifying)
    - Experimental redline flash overlay only working on WEB for this release, desktop engine support will come after.
    - Added AC lut files decryption to get matching TC and ABS level with game (it was previously giving the physical rate, not the ingame preset level)
    - option added...
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  16. 6.3.3 - hotfix

    Hi !

    Little hotfix :
    - Missing OMSI2 plugin
    - Fixed shakeit RPM force always to 100%
  17. 6.3.2 Weekly update

    What's new ?

    - Some fine tuning on the web dash engine to reduce packet size at the strict minimum required (only the page shown instead of all the pages)
    - IOS : it's now possible to add the dash list to the home screen, the dash won't open anymore in a new window (preventing to get fullscreen)
    - Added an how-to in the dash list when IOS is detected but not started from the home screen (preventing to get fullscreen)
    - F12017 grid was incorrect when a player/opponent was disqualified
    - The...
  18. 6.3.1 Hotfix

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  19. 6.3.0 - The long journey to 2018 first release

    What's new in 6.3.0 ?

    Some highlights (do not hesitate to read the full change log):
    Easier leaderboard building with dash studio :

    Per car settings management :

    Easy per feature controls editing :

    New overlay manager :

    Easy game config (for most games :D )

    Full change log :

  20. 6.2.2 - False start

    Hi !

    All my excuse for the yesterday update, the HTML engine was not correctly working in overlay mode, but that it is never too late to do the right thing. Here a fixed version :
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