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SimHub, DIY Sim racing Dash 6.3.9

On screen,phone,tablet, seven segments, leds or embedded LCD, let your creativity decide!

  1. 6.3.9 - Hotfix

    Little hotfix mostly addressing the issues noticed since the last release :

    - Fixed Bass shakers frequencies not saved
    - Radar default scale is now using a valid value
    - Fixed some typos in editor and sketchs
    - Fixed arduino bridge for nextion where button sample was not working
    - Added automatic cleaning of best lap records
    - Tuned web automatic IP detection
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  2. Sunday bloody sunday !

    This update has been running for long as a beta, so much changes to test ! However here we are !
    • NEW GAME SUPPORT : Kart racing pro
    • NEW Added temperature unit choice in the settings
    • SHAKEIT :
      • Fixed idle effect
      • Added per game settings
      • Option added to remove the "anti-humming" code on DK motor shield to get extra power
      • Option added to control the ShakeIt V2 board frequency
      • Ability to export and import effects profiles
  3. Iracing fix

    Little change as often (I should hire a tester team :D)

    - Fixed Iracing delta
    - Sometimes on game change the usbd480 luminosity was remaining to 0.
  4. 6.3.6 - Weekly release

    Hi !

    What's new ?

    - Updated to the latest version of the CrewChief RF2 plugin (v3.0.0.1 - https://github.com/TheIronWolfModding/rF2SharedMemoryMapPlugin)
    - Finished lut reading for TC and ABS in AC (in some conditions AC reports wrong TC value and it may not match the real ingame level, but it's an AC bug)
    - Smoother live map for RF2 (thanks to The Iron Wolf for the infos)
    - Lighter record files for rf2
  5. 6.3.5 - Same player shoot again

    Hi !

    Edit : AC lut files are playing seek'n'hide, so ABS and TC levels won't work on all cars. I'm on it but it will be a bit harder that I excepted.

    Little hotfix, yesterday release contained some brand new features not really sturdy enough, a few coffees later, here comes the fixes :

    - Reworked LUT reading for TC and ABS level in AC
    - Added level count for ABS and TC in AC (<!> I can't detect the current AC settings so the number of level can't take into account...
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  6. 6.3.4 - Weekly update

    What's new ?

    - Dirt Rally "restart session" action (will send the required key combination to restart the stage)
    - Updated RF2 plugin to the latest CC version (Thanks to @Chriski for notifying)
    - Experimental redline flash overlay only working on WEB for this release, desktop engine support will come after.
    - Added AC lut files decryption to get matching TC and ABS level with game (it was previously giving the physical rate, not the ingame preset level)
    - option added...
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  7. 6.3.3 - hotfix

    Hi !

    Little hotfix :
    - Missing OMSI2 plugin
    - Fixed shakeit RPM force always to 100%
  8. 6.3.2 Weekly update

    What's new ?

    - Some fine tuning on the web dash engine to reduce packet size at the strict minimum required (only the page shown instead of all the pages)
    - IOS : it's now possible to add the dash list to the home screen, the dash won't open anymore in a new window (preventing to get fullscreen)
    - Added an how-to in the dash list when IOS is detected but not started from the home screen (preventing to get fullscreen)
    - F12017 grid was incorrect when a player/opponent was disqualified
    - The...
  9. 6.3.1 Hotfix

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  10. 6.3.0 - The long journey to 2018 first release

    What's new in 6.3.0 ?

    Some highlights (do not hesitate to read the full change log):
    Easier leaderboard building with dash studio :

    Per car settings management :

    Easy per feature controls editing :

    New overlay manager :

    Easy game config (for most games :D )

    Full change log :

  11. 6.2.2 - False start

    Hi !

    All my excuse for the yesterday update, the HTML engine was not correctly working in overlay mode, but that it is never too late to do the right thing. Here a fixed version :
  12. 6.2.1 - Overlay mode improvements

    Hi ! Little update.

    What's new

    - Big overlay mode improvements : The html engine is now totally compatible with overlay mode, making big overlays more usable in stressful situations. The overlays using html engine now passes the big torture test overlay with RF2 with no Vsync (http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/rfactor-2-hud-simhub.18132/)
    To switch to the HTML engine click one more and check the option : upload_2017-12-18_22-8-24.png

    - Little performances tweak
    - Dash...
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  13. 6.2.0 - Getting ready for christmas !

    Hi !
    what's new in this version ?
    • USBD480 support (Z1, G force LCD ...) ! Yes yes yes ! DashStudio comes to the USB480. You requested it so much, here it comes ! (and with the 3d printable box : https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2704278)

      Obviously with touch support to change pages.
    • Rewritten RBR support, no plugin anymore and much more data available ! This version is "mod" aware it will detect modded cars and tracks....
  14. 6.1.5 - Default udp ports

    Codemasters new configurable default UDP ports on the 6.1.4 version where set to 27777 instead of 20777, it's intended to be configurable but it was not really helpful to leave a trap like that:sick:
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  15. 6.1.4 - RRRE Fix and more features

    Hi everyone ! I'm not used to release new versions on thursday ... but RRRE did it, so let's do it too :D

    What's new ?
    • Fix for RRRE 64bits
    • New UDP relay plugin, it allows to relay UDP games data to multiple applications.
    • Beta Support of Fanatec Clubsport V2 / V3 / V3i pedals motors on the shakeit plugin !

    • The UDP games listening ports are now configurable directly from the settings.
  16. 6.1.3 - Fixes

    Hi !

    Sadly a few typos were present in this night release :
    - Fixed MAX7221 matrix not rotated
    - Fixed sketch setup tool
    - Finally understood and fixed the arduino scan not stopping when multiple usb was enabled and arduino features disabled (used on sketch upload for instance)
    - Made unselectable the web dash button labels to avoid touch problems

    Have fun !
  17. The fix dance

    What's new in 6.1.2 ?

    HI !

    A little update, with lot of little fixes :
    • When a dash was throwing a lot of formula errors simhub would end by getting an out memory error. Formula are now suspended for 30s after throwing an error. and log window is now auto cleaning
    • Thrustmaster plugin could occasionally disable the "game centering" setting
    • Reworked the mobile and desktop web controls in order to be more comprehensive and less annoying :D
    • Added the nextion previous screen...
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  18. 6.1.1 Hotfix

    Little hotfix following the 6.1.0 update.

    - Workaround of the keyboardplugin crash occurring while loading SimHub.
    - Missing arduino library for ShakeIt support.
  19. On the road again !

    What's new in 6.1.0

    - Switched to the PC2 Sharedmemory API V2 (Make sure to change your settings !!)

    - Arduino sketch is now compatible with Arduino Pro Micro and can expose all the configured inputs as a gamepad.

    - Sectors data extracted for all the games possible

    - Fixed a lot of little things about opponents data (missing player in RF1, missing best lap in R3E)

    - Added a sketch to get the nextion working through an Arduino Pro Micro, it...
  20. 6.0.1 Hotfix

    Little Sunday hotfix !

    - Pressure unit was not saved
    - PCars 1/2 lastsectortime was empty.
    - Map generation was crashing on Nordschleiffe (huge map) The size is now limited to something safe for the engine.
    - DataCoreForula editor was gone, it's back now.
    - Low fuel trigger is now managed one lap per one lap with increment and decrement actions (instead of two laps)
    - Removed "developper mode" toggle which doesn't toggle anything since v6.0.

    Since I always feel guilty to release a Hotfix...