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SIMHUB - Dashboard & Leaderboard 1.4 (WIP)

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I discovered Simhub and falled in love with it. Great job from Wotever and philm ! :geek:

I tried to optimize the existing dashboards and created 2 dashboard in order to separate a real cockpit dash and a leaderboard (sorry for bad quality of some pictures...)

First, both dashboards have their own welcome screen.

Screens need to be updated !!!! (sorry)



- one screen for RACE


- one screen for CAR STATUS


- one screen for HOTLAP & QUALIFICATION


- three screens for LEADERBOARD (for positions 1-13, 14-26, 27-39)




I modified the dashboard proposed by philm. I added some details that seems important to me and increased ergonomics. Hope you will apreciate. :)

The dashboard are especially for 800x440 screens. Don't hesitate to leave me comments. And don't hesitate to thanks Wotever with Paypal. ;)

Goby (maybe you can meet me sometimes on public servers on Assetto Corsa) :)
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Latest reviews

Perfect, exactly what I was looking for. All screens are very clear.
Excellent! Best Mod! Thanks!
Great app.
hooo ??? :-) cool ! it gives me a lot of idea to improve my version 1.4 to 1.5 :-)))
Thanks for your comment.
Comme tu le sais, c'est ton Dashboard qui m'a inspiré. Ensuite, je n'ai fait que développer mes idees à partir de mon expérience simracing.
Tant mieux si on peut enrichir mutuellement nos dash. :-)
I like the small adjustments. Very well done as usual Goby.
Thank you.
Thanks Paulo ! I did not imagine I could obtain a so good result. Happy to share it.
impresioannte ,me podrias la ruta de instalacion ya que es la primera vez que instalo
wonderfull work. thanks
I apreciate, thanks !
That is Awesome
Thanks a lot !
Excellent. Fuel and tire data are working perfectly now.
Thank you for your effort and time for fixing it.
Thanks for your comment. I apreciate feedback (so rare considering the number of downloading here).
Hi. Now it works perfectly and deserves at least 6 stars. Thanks.
Thanks and happy to read I solve the bug. I will release this week-end the final version. I have to correct some small details (alignment and colors)
Hi. Great. Has potential to become the goto dash for simhub. However, I have the same problem as Paulo Ribeiro. (the philm dashboard v4 works well for me).
Besides that as a sugestion, would it be possible to merge the data and leaderboard into one dash? Thanks.
Thanks ! About the bug, maybe I have an idea to test. I will release later a new version. About your suggestion, it is easy to do but i am not sure it is a good idea. I explain. In fact, It is more efficient to have one button to go to the next screen and one button for the next dashboard. For me, it is better than have just two button for next screen and previsous screen. At the begining, I wanted to do like you want but for me in practice, you will loose a lot of time pushing buttons. ;-)
Thanks (if I use the same number of words you used lol)
By the way, the screen with the tire and fuel data is working fine, except the tire wear and fuel values. The square is black with nothing inside. Is it a bug?
I tested the dash with PC2 and Assetto. It works fine. Not sure about your bug because I don't know how export function work in Simhub (Wotever could help us about that). I have to ideas to suggest. First, verify if you deleted some original widgets and secondly if it is better if you install the dashboard of philm Custum dashboard v.4 (https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/simhub-custom-dashboards.20460/). Please, thanks to give me feedback about your bug.
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