SimHub - Custom Dashboards 5.1

Custom Dashboard SimHub

  1. new graphics, improvements ...

    New graphics and functions (visual enhancements, ...)
    New color "green" for tyres
    Update "Estimated Fuel" for 20min and 1hour (race lenght to SRS) : higher value for turn numbers and quantity of fuel (if 10,2 laps =>11laps, if 23.5Liters => 24 liters)
    New visual for ABS active on Pcars2 : green transparent screen

    Enhancement for dash7"
  2. Simhub - Custom Dashboards "THE NEW"

    New graphics (visual enhancements, ...
    New colors (variation tyres, ... etc)
    Type of tire for assetto corsa
    New Widgets (Estimated Fuel for 20min, 1hour, help for racing to SRS, drivers ahead and behind, ...)
    New Events (BIAS only when you change level, ... °C track, °C Air, Session ...)
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  3. Simhub - Custom Dashboards

    the same, but other compress mode ...
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  4. new graphics, improvements ...

    New design
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  5. new graphics, improvements ...

    New Graphics,
    New font,
    New damage pcars2 (beta test),
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  6. Some update, compared to the new version of simhub

    Some update, compared to the new version of simhub (pressures, rpm ...)
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  7. Improvement DASH5" Multi et NEW DASH7"

    Dash5" Multi:
    Graphic, visual enhancements,
    Added rotation of the BIAS button, ...
    Modification of the red zones temperature oil, water, pressure, ... so that it is approximately correct with "all" the vehicles ... it is not really possible for the moment ...

    Dash7" :
    New version of temperature, pressure, wear, tire color variation, ...
    Brake temperatures, color variation, ...
    Improved visual ergonomics, to quickly see the necessary information ...
    Bias and rotation of the button ... lol...
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  8. Test Damages, problem V1.4 flags solved

    Test Damages, problem V1.4 flags solved
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  9. new graphics, improvements ...

    - Changes on the different screens, and addition of functions
    - The goal is to have no more display on my screen simu, while being informed :)
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  10. Dash5 multi (3 screens)

    - Visual changes
    - Added 2 screens on the dash5: Dash5Multi
    - Addition of oil pressure
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  11. Update visual ergonomic

    PhilmDash5 :
    Improved visual
    Adding informations
    PhilmDash7 : soon finished
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  12. temperature correction tire front left

    temperature correction dash 7
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  13. Adjust some details ...

    Adjust units on dash 5"
    Change tires on dash 7"
    Adjust some minor details ...
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