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SimHub Custom Dash Overlay for URD PX2 Loire (Oreca O5 LMP2)

SimHub Custom Dash Overlay for URD PX2 Loire (Oreca O5 LMP2) 1.0.20200719.01

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So I've been learning how to make dashboard/HUD overlays in SimHub this week, and took a stab at making one specifically tailored to the "PX2 Loire" by United Racing Design, which simulates an Oreca O5 LMP2 car.


I based it loosely on photographs of an Oreca O7 steering wheel's info screen, which is much more sophisticated than its predecessor.

Most of the panes are labelled, but here are the details for the ones that aren't:

  • The "Laps Remaining" field as shown is for a race session. If your session is time-limited instead, then the caption changes to "Time Remaining". In unrestricted free practice mode, this changes to "Practice Time" and counts up from session start instead.
  • The two percentages in the lower-left are the average and highest damage ratings that are recorded on the car. This gives you an indication of the health of the car and how bad your repairs might be when you pit.
  • The boxes that look like tire data in the lower right are indeed tire data. The percentages are current tire wear/grip, the numbers are tire pressure, and the border of each box changes color to indicate tire temperature.
  • There is an extra bar that pops up on the bottom with special alerts.
    • If you're carrying a cut penalty, it will appear with "PENALTY" and your remaining slowdown time.
    • If you are in the pits, it will appear with "PIT LIMITER ENGAGED".
    • If you break the car to the point where it won't run anymore, it pops up a Dark Souls-style "YOU DIED".
  • When you are approaching one lap of fuel remaining in the tank, the fuel data will begin flashing the message "BOX".

Some known quirks:

  • SimHub calculates your current lap delta differently from the Kunos app, so if you use both, bear in mind that they won't agree with each other.
  • SimHub gauges traction control settings using the actual slip level coefficient for the car's physics. Some cars are set up such that level 1 and 2 provide the same slip setting. The PX2 Loire is one of these. So the TC stages will appear on the HUD as "OFF", "2", "2" again, then "3". If you know of a workaround for this, please let me know. :D
If you enjoy the PX2 Loire as much as I do, then I hope this adds to your experience.
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