SimHub "AMG GT3" Like Dashboard 01-19-2018 - 2.0

Simhub - AMG GT3 - Dashboard

  1. xGenshad
    Hello everyone ! This file is gonna be my first upload, so please, my apologies if I make any mistakes. Feel free to give me any advices, it will be appreciated !

    Many people on the public project cars 2 servers drive the "GT3" category cars. As I love these aswell, and for the endurance races, I made a homemade AMG GT3 dashboard for "Simhub".

    Required App (and credits!) : (Can I post this here?)

    Notes : see the pictures below.
    - The first page is an "idle screen" showing the "AMG Performance Team" icon.
    - Dashboard 1, 2 and 3 are those you may see in the car.
    - Exceptions are : I replaced the "Map" and "TC" boxes by a Throttle and Brakes pedals pressures. And the "number of the screen" has been replaced by a "Delta Time".

    How to install ?
    A "Readme" notepad is included on the archive. (containing those lines)
    All you have to do is to "extract the archive on the simhub/dashboard templates" folder. Then Run Simhub and start the dashboard :)

    Know issues :
    - "Average" fuel : reset the logs from the simhub soft if you want it back the "0.00"
    - "Split time" : may differ from the value shown in the car as mine refers to "the previous lap time to the deltabest time"
    - Brake Balance : brake bias simhub properties aren't supported yet for project cars 2 - But this will work for Assetto Corsa // NOW WORKS with Simhub 6.2.2!

    Is this usable with Assetto Corsa ? :
    YES, but, if you want the perfect dashboard, you'll have to make few changes :
    1) the "RPM" (this is the name of the group on my dashboard" : change the "RPM_Gauge" values : Width : from 1018 (PC2) to 978 (AC). (So this will show the real RPMs depending on the game you're using!)
    2) The PC2 RPM bar is "Blue", AC's one is "Green", so you can change it to be more immersive!

    The fuel jauge will change from "green" to "orange" when arriving at 18 liters of fuel. (~15%)

    Feel free to comment this, give your opinions, I'm open for both positive and negative comments as long as you argue yourself!

    Have fun on the racing games, drive safe IRL! Cheers, xGenshad!


    1. AMG GT3 Perf Team.jpg
    2. Dash P2.png
    3. Dash P3.png
    4. Dash P4.png
    5. Dash P5.png
    6. Dash P6.png
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Recent Reviews

  1. Paulo Ribeiro
    Paulo Ribeiro
    Version: 01-19-2018 - 2.0
    Very well done, very beautiful. Lots of important info in all screens. One of the best dashboard!
    Only tested in AC yet and it is perfect.
    Thank you
  2. ladose
    Version: 01-19-2018 - 2.0
    Merci,beau boulot
  3. clarnod
    Version: 01-19-2018 - 2.0
    Au top. Merci Pierre pour la MAJ
  4. clarnod
    Version: 2017-12-11
    very good
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