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Silly PDash - Rainbometer 1

Tachometer, but it's a rainbow

  1. Alphonse Uprising
    The first in my series of creative and rather cringey PDash HUD skins, the Rainbometer!

    Link to download PDash:

    This skin adds a basic rainbow tachometer to your HUD, and... that's about it. The faster the engine revs, the more the rainbow grows. Made it for the sh**s and giggles!

    [​IMG] This mod is free, but if you enjoy it and want to support more creations, send me a donation through PayPal! Any amount is accepted.


    To install this, extract the "rainbometer" folder from the .zip and move it to the PDash/skins directory in your apps.
    Also edit the "master_config.ini" file in PDash's cfg folder and add a new line starting with "skin(number) = rainbometer".

    This is not my most interesting work, but I'm still new to making HUDs and the likes with PDash. If you have any suggestions for HUDs, or if you have a problem, please let me know in feedback!​
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