Silesia Ring (PL) - Official Track by Ragnar Simulator

Silesia Ring (PL) - Official Track by Ragnar Simulator 1.1.2

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Changelog v1.1.2 (15.11.2021):
- Fixed the uneven surface of the pit-lane
- Fixed the width of sectors and start/finish
- Minor surfaces IDs fixes
Few details in updated version v1.1.1.


Update v1.1.1 includes:

• fixed cameras in replays
• added DRS zone
• updated track branding
We present the Silesia Ring track update v1.1. The main new feature is the new configuration: Silesia Ring - Eastern Loop. This is a shorter version of the track (2636 m), mostly use for various types of commercial events. Enjoy!


Update v1.1 includes:
  • new configuration of the Silesia Ring - Eastern Loop (2636 m)
  • fixed start fields
  • fixed AI
  • fixed cameras
  • fixed Hot Lap mode
  • updated textures
  • improved grass colour