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Shred's Smoke Mod 1.1.1

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2021 edit:

If you want realistic smoke, I'd recommend getting Content Manager and Custom Shaders Patch. Their smoke mod puts everything else to shame. However if you want something simple for the basic Assetto Corsa, my mod still does the trick I guess.


Realistic bluish smoke
Real tyre smoke isn't completely white, it's often bluish. Real life photo:

This small mod tweaks the transparency, color and form of the smoke texture. See it in action:
Zip file includes easy installation instructions + original files in separate folder, in case you want to go back to default. The mod doesn't change slip level, amount, size or time values of smoke drawn, only color, transparency and texture.

1.1 changes:

  • Reduced the .png filesize without reducing texture quality. Earlier a non-ideal method of saving .png was used. Improves FPS performance slightly
  • Updated tyre_smoke_grass.ini color values to work in 1.5.6. Old versions of the mod makes off-track dust to be wrong color
1.1.1 changes:
  • Corrected the off-track dust to be less bright. This was a careless edit. Apologies
The mod thread on Official AC forums (requires login)

Note: Mod works with AC 1.12.6 perfectly and most likely in future versions too. Kunos doesn't seem to change smoke.
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Latest updates

  1. Less bright dust color

    1.1.1 changes: - Corrected the off-track dust to be less bright. This was a careless edit...
  2. Updated .ini values and optimized .png file

    1.1 changes: - Reduced the .png filesize without reducing image quality. Earlier a non-ideal...
  3. Shred's Smoke Mod 1.01

    Fixed some (barely visible) roughness around the smoke texture edges + updated the original...

Latest reviews

Nice job!
Hello. When I do a burnout, I only have a little bit of smoke. Is there any solution how to fix it? Thanks
Hey, yeah it pretty much comes with the mod :/ No way to increase it really. Personally I'd recommend using Custom Shaders Patch, their brilliant smoke makes this mod totally obsolete (it's also bluish, but much more realistic than regular smoke mods)
nice work
Excellent! Just the right density and vectored angles off tires. This is a 'must' have mod.
I've had this mod forever, and can't live without it 5 stars sir and thank you
Thanks! :D For a long time, I didn't even upload it anywhere, thinking who could possibly care. Funny to see how many people liked it
So simple and so good. This is a superb addition to AC. Thank you.
Perfect mod THKS!
Just the first mod I add onto my brand spanking new AC install. Thank you very much sir! Excellent is an understatement. :)
Looks great but i actually lost quite a lot of fps with this :(
144 kb image file vs. original 137 kb. It might cost few frames, never really noticed. When you go offtrack you get actually less dust which should help with fps
Perfection. This should be official content!
Thanks :) Nice to see some still download this. I've tried to mod the smoke in so many ways later, but always end up using this anyway lol
The best Smoke
The smoke looks absolutely great!!! :) so much better and realistic. thx for mod
Looks awesome...5 stars!
Is there a line we can edit so the smoke stays more?

There is, open system/cfg/tyre_smoke.ini in text editor and edit line OPACITY_VELOCITY_BASE=-0.1. This is how fast the smoke vanishes. Put for example -0.05 and it stays in air longer.

You might want to then also put SIZE_VELOCITY_BASE values higher, that means how big the smoke cloud will stretch, as it's fades. If you add just opacity, it may look weird as the cloud just floats in air, but doesn't grow in size.

I don't want to tweak stuff like this, because smoke already hits FPS hard in AC, and it staying longer up will reduce FPS even further.
Should be added to AC for next release. :) The smoke from the tires looks very real. Thank you.

Small issue: Not sure if your mod made it, but when i go over grass the dust is VERY plentiful and it looks ridiculous. As soon as i touch grass there is Bright White dust flying up 2-3 meters and theres a lot of it. I dont Think you made that happen, but could you see if you could tweak the dust as well and make it as good as your tarmac smoke?

Going over grass should have slight dust that doesnt fly up high, and it should settle fairly fast since its heavier particles than tire smoke. More transparency compared to AC stock as well. I would tweak but i dont understand where the grass dust is in the file. Was confused even about the mod since the file is "tyre smoke grass", lol. Anyway, thank you. Great tyre smoke for tarmac. In fact, the best. :)
It should be fixed. Very sorry, this was careless editing on my part. I tested the new values in only certain tracks/conditions, and in those it wasn't as evident. But this was clearly off, should be better now.
hi man, nice texture, but the setting (emissive blend) are badly, because are inutilizable with other weather setting (moded)... if u use emissive blend 0 and reduce the bright (with color setting) u resolve this... download my mod (dirt and smoke) and watch my setting for emissive blend
Emissive blend is at default AC value. However, I mistakenly put overly bright RGB values when editing, which made dust off-track look very bad. 1.1.1 values should be better. I'm happy to hear feedback in the future and try to adjust accordingly.
I like that.
This is absolutely the correct color.
awesome! thanks
awesome mod thanks
Top mod !! Thanks
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