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ShowRoom "IBL Render Studio" 1.0

Awesome Tool to Create KeyShot and PhotoShop Looking Pics,

  1. CC
    "Render Studio"

    Create More Realistic Looking Pictures with the New Render Studio
    I Have been Changing the Settings all Day and Ended up Getting rid of the Lighting to Add Manual Control With Awesome Results:thumbsup:
    acShowroom 01-12-2013 19-49-57-605.jpg

    Just a Quick Tip I have learned that deleting or taking out the "settings"
    File out of any or all "showrooms" adds manual control back for the last 2 days I have been editing the lighting by keep adjusting the settings,
    Manual control is a lot better way of getting the lighting to any or all parts of your car for ending up with clearer and better looking results;)
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