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SHO Competition FFB 1.0.0-build3

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SHO Competition FFB is a mod of various UserData PLR file force feedback configuration parameters to achieve an improved, more modern force feedback feel.

*Please see "README SHO Competition FFB.txt" in the download for helpful details on install/uninstall, tips, questions, known/open issues, testing notes, changes, and development notes.

Important! You will have a better FFB experience the higher your frame rate. This is because GTR2 ties FFB refresh rate to frame rate. The higher your FPS, the better your FFB will feel.

Some people prefer different iterations of SHO Competition FFB:

Shovas - v1.PLR:
- Original per-mod tuning
- Friendly for Non-DD and DD wheels

Shovas - v2.PLR:
- Discovery and fix of "FFB steer force output max" default value issue
- Still per-mod tuning
- Friendly for DD wheels
- Some non-DD testers prefer previous version

Shovas - v3.PLR:
- Universal PLR FFB params that should work for all cars so you don't have to switch out params anymore for different mods
- Friendly for DD wheels
- Some non-DD testers prefer previous versions

Shovas - v4.PLR:
- Tuning "FFB steer force exponent" to achieve a more rFactor2-like grip expression
- Also added 'road texture' feel here via "FFB steer vibe" params
- Friendly for DD wheels
- Some non-DD testers prefer previous versions

Why is it called "Competition" FFB? The aim of my FFB improvements is always to give me more information, more realistic information, and greater reliability of information through the wheel to increase my competitiveness when racing. That means my changes might feel better or worse for some depending on what you want from FFB but I'm always trying to be better in "competition", hence the name.

Thank you to GTR233, Jul's FFB Guide, SimBin, and others for assistance, input, reference, help, and inspiration in the making of this mod!
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Nice Idea, but i think, this is a war, you can't win.
I just tested the 1 and the 4 (that don't work) and this engine are to old for FFB in a DD. By me side, i think 4 stars are 3 to much, but I don't want make you life harder. If you release a better version, i will sure test it.
Thank you for your work and i wish you find a way, that we have all fun with that old games!
Thanks for your feedback, it's appreciated! Can you tell me what wheel you have? Did you follow the README? Key things: Don't use vsync, try for as high fps as you can get, double-check your PLR with my updated values is actually being used, some mods may have super exaggerated FFB strengths be sure it's working first with original cars. It won't be perfectly modern ffb but it should feel closer to modern ffb as opposed to stock GTR2 feel. At least, that's what I'm going for on my DD AccuForce. I'm
Didn't think of that one haha
Thank You