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SHO Competition AI 1.0.0-beta7-build4

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SHO Competition AI is a mod for original content GTR2 cars and tracks that modifies various AI-related configuration parameters to achieve more realistic race performance by AI drivers resulting in more realistic, tighter, and more intense racing.

*Please see "README SHO Competition AI.txt" in the download for helpful details on install/uninstall, tips, questions, known/open issues, testing notes, changes, and development notes.

This mod is not intended to help you find the right AI level for you. It's only meant to make AI competitive who qualified similarly to you to give you a close, intense race.

Specifically, the main goals include:

- Qualifying performance should more closely reflect race performance as compared to original AI. For example, if you qualify top 3 you might have a chance to win, but if you qualify top 6, you will not have a very good chance of winning (compare to original AI where you could win even qualifying 10th+).

- Closer performance differences across the grid. For example, a grid of GT cars should be separated by a few seconds, not 10+ seconds. Tighter grid performances will help closer, more intense racing.

Thank you to GTR233, Von Dutch, GTR2 Reborn, SimBin, and others for assistance, input, reference, help, and inspiration in the making of this mod!
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