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SHO Competition AI

SHO Competition AI V7

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SHO Competition AI is a mod for original content GTR2 cars and tracks that modifies various AI-related configuration parameters to achieve a more realistic race experience from AI drivers resulting in closer and more intense racing.

*Please see "README SHO Competition AI.txt" as it contains helpful details on install/uninstall, tips, questions, known/open issues, testing notes, changes, and development notes. You might be reading this file right now: I've included this note here for easy copy&paste to places like Race Department download descriptions

The main goals of this mod include:

- Improving obvious AI flaws on-track such as early braking, slow cornering, bad starts/first corners/first laps, and unrealistic crashes or collisions that all result in race performances that don't accurately represent qualifying performances

- Furthermore, race performance should more closely reflect qualifying performance. With original GTR2 AI, you could start from the back of the field and win quite easily. Instead, the aim here is to ensure you have good, hard racing battles with opponents that qualified with similar laptimes. As such, if you qualify top 5 you might have a chance to win, but if you qualify top 10, it should be very difficult to win outright. That's just realistic. Again, the upside is good, hard battling with AI you are competitive against.

Here is the latest version and changes (older versions below):

Version 7:
  • Continued tuning Location AIW "RaceRatio" to improve AI performance so that their Race performance is more closely related to their Qualifying performance. Previously, AI who qualified better than you acted much worse in a race, resulting in passing too many and not providing good hard battles.
    • Tracks tuned:
      • Barcelona GP 2003
      • Zuhai GP 2004
      • Brno GP 2003
    • Again, the key change that you will notice on track is that it is MUCH more difficult to pass. Remember to just maintain position for the first lap (to avoid abusing slow starting AI) and then push on Lap 2. If there's a gap, take it, don't be "nice" to them but don't abuse poor AI logic, either. Don't ram them, don't make risky passes you wouldn't make on a human, etc. Read Section 3 "How To Play Against AI" for more details about how to have a good, immersive race using this mod.
  • Investigated UserData PLR AIMaxLoad but no changes yet. Still, discovered a possible avenue for future AI tuning regarding "chance to attempt passing" behaviour.
What does SHO stand for? It's the first three letters of my username (Shovas) but also happens to be an acroynm used by Ford in the 90s which stood for "Super High Output" so I feel it's a fun and appropriate thing for a sim racing mod :)

Why is it called "Competition"? The aim of my improvements is always to improve the experience for a competition context, like racing real humans or racing AI, as opposed to say just hotlapping. It's hard racing where you really have to have the best simulation to really raise the immersion and experience. That means my changes might feel better or worse for some depending on what you want but I'm always trying to be better in "competition", hence the name.

Thank you to GTR233, Von Dutch, GTR2 Reborn, SimBin, and others for assistance, input, reference, help, and inspiration in the making of this mod!

Latest updates

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Latest reviews

Even tho I had some weird experiences with the AI using your mod (I'll write the details in your "How to find..." thread), I really apreciate all the hard work you've put into this. Definitely worth a try!
Thank you for your dedicated pursuit of excellence!
Thank You
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