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Shelby Cobra S/C Gun Metal v2.0

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Was just messing around and came up with this its only basic but i like it :).

All credit goes to NWRAP for the fantastic tyres a treat to have on any car :)

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Latest updates

  1. Shelby Cobra S/C Gun Metal V2

    Few bits and pieces added, just wish i knew how to change the colour of the seats lol.
  2. Shelby Cobra S/C Gun Metal v1.1

    Just a small update for the wheels, Gold and black if anybody wants them. I quite like them :)...

Latest reviews

Great skin, it doesn't appear to work with the Cobra 427 AC anymore. I guess the car model was updated by Kunos at some point. Shame!
Excellent work
Hey Man, I just found your paint. This is Awesome, I Love these kinds of paints for my cars. Thanks So Much! ;)
Great work,cheers mate
Love that look
Excellent,My kind of car :)