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Shelby Cobra 427 1.2

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Shelby Cobra 427 S/C is now officially in Assetto Corsa.
The street car, s1 replica and Competition cars are still mods.

1.0 MOD
Shelby Cobra 427 street car
Shelby Cobra 427 Replica
+ Shelby Cobra 427 Competition :-D

NWRAP-ESP for the additional skins
Aristotelis for tyre models and guidance
Avoletta, Andrea Lojelo, mclarenf1papa, bobskype, Michael Hornbuckle, CCX, Glynn123 for their help in development and testing
KUNOS Simulazioni for the fantastic game
The sim racing community for their help and support


File size
281.3 MB
First release
Last update
4.89 star(s) 127 ratings

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  2. Shelby Cobra Competition

    Sorry for yet another update so soon but since the most recent update to AC sound files have...
  3. Shelby Cobra Competition

    This is an update to fix and issue with the front lights of the competition. If you have already...
  4. Shelby Cobra Competition

    Changes to Competition models physics to bring it closer in line to the S/C Material tweaks and...
  5. Shelby Cobra Competition

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Latest reviews

God I love this (& OldRebels 289 mod). 4 Stars because there is just one missing thing for me: proper 289 options i.e with rear exhausts and the option for the comp setup).
First off: The car looks, The handles great. Nicely done. BUT: I seriously wonder why there is no exterior sounds.
Lovely trio, I upgraded to vintage tyres from ks 427s/c, huge fun to drive. Thanks
Very Sweet Cobras - thanks !
I ended up updating this car with the Kunos sounds for the 427 SC and the tires from the Ferrari 330 (from the Ferrari 70th anniversary pack), which are 15 inches tall and very close to the original width. The car is transformed and is amazing to drive now! No more 17 inch v4 tires.
The car modelling and handle is very convincing... but, there is no external sound because the mod is not updated for a long time
Thank you so much. Superb.
This is my favourite car EVER. It's a pleasure to drive, I love it, thanks for this masterpiece
Nice car
One of best quality mod out there!!
Amazingly good. One of my very favourites in the entire game
I actually tried a Shelby Cobra (real one) when I went to USA and this is as close as you can get to the real thing.
Nothing less than a full 5. You`re not going to find better quality anywhere.
Awesome job , thanks meco for the update ! :)
Awesome update!
OK, I've got to Up Date my 1st. rating on this New Mod. Since I did download this re-vised Mod of my Favorite car's in AC. After the New Sound Fix it is All Right again =) I love this set of Cobra's just Fantastic lil' car's. Thanks for the Great fix also.
Thanks :)
I Love this Mod all 3 of them. BUT, I don't have any Motor sounds in the car, I do have tire and wind sounds. When I replay a lap there IS Motor sounds. ???? Any idea's on this? I've had your Cobra's Mods since day one and they are my favorite cars in the Sim. I will upgrade my Stars if we can repair this problem.
I think it may be bad timing on this release. Kunos just updated fmod again and I suspect it has broken sounds again. I'll have check and offer a fix if this is the case. Thanks :)
One of my favourite cars in the game. So much personality behind this classic! Thanks for the update.
Thank you for the update to this, one of the best mods available for AC, I do hope that you have more to come for AC, the quality of your work does AC proud.