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Shelby Cobra 289 MOD 1.3

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I always thought that the 427 AC Cobra was such overkill that I would rather drive the original 289 version believing that the car would have better balance and be more fun to drive overall. GT Legends actually had that car and I had a blast with it.
I spent the day doing this...that's it...one day. I downloaded the original Shelby Cobra package by the_meco and pankykapus. It is truly a beautiful rendition of the 427 Cobra. I also have in my library the 1967 Sunbeam Tiger made by Smallblockhero. As you car guys/girls know the Tiger was also a Carroll Shelby creation in the mid sixties. I adjusted the specifications from the Tiger to more closely match a Cobra with a 289. This was quick and dirty no doubt but this car turned out to be so much fun I wanted to share it. Deciding on proper tires was an issue but, after experimenting, in the end I just stuck with the original tires from the the_meco and pankykapus mod because it drove the best and was the most fun. I hope you folks enjoy driving this hybrid creation as much as I have this afternoon and I hope I haven't stepped on anybody's toes by jamming this together.
9/13/19 New instructions
Download and install the_meco and pankykapus AC Cobra mod. https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/shelby-cobra-427.2710/ Make a new folder and call it shelby_289_cobra. Copy the guts from the downloaded meco "shelby_cobra" folder and paste them into the new shelby_289_cobra folder. Delete the data.acd file, the texture file, the ui file and the sfx file. Then take the new data, texture, ui, and sfx files from my latest 1.3 update folder and paste them into the shelby_289_cobra folder. These modifications to the original AC Cobra 427 mod have been approved by the original builder (meco and pankykapus) He deserves tremendous credit for such a stellar mod! **Please read the notes on the 1.3 update page!!**

Latest updates

  1. All in One 1.3

    As per request here is an all in one update, Data, texture, ui, and sfx. I want to clarify that...
  2. Working Flames!

    Thank you to Race Department member Norman Leslie who tackled my 'flames' problem with this mod...
  3. Version 1.1

    In this update are three folders. Data, texture, and ui. Open your current shelby_289_cobra...

Latest reviews

As a general petrolhead into the older stuff (Ok so I'm a 1990 birth, I consider pretty much anything with more than 2 wheels designed after then to be 'meh') but particularly the old Porsche, Shelby, Mclaren & Nissan stuff..... **** me This has been so much fun, running around Riverside ala Ken Miles in Ford vs Ferrari (https://imgur.com/gallery/GZQGltP some pics of the Skin I made up for the Comp 427)

I'm giving it 4 stars for one reason and one reason alone...... when on an external camera, the 427 plate & exhausts are a bit of a giveaway that its not entirely right. Otherwise amazing!
Mod is good over all!
BUT: If you guys are having trouble moving your AC folder to another directory/ drive and it fails to do so.. THIS mod is the problem. I tracked it down after several tries.
Well that's interesting to know. I haven't the slightest idea why that would be. Anybody else? I question whether the whole mod only deserves two stars because of that but that's your choice.
Awesome mod! Thank you! Trackday version only contains the ui folder (no data).
Great car to drive. Lot of fun on track. But never ever the engine has just the 284 hp. And I think the tires are a bit too grippy for that year. Other than that it is an fantastic car to drive
tried again and I am happy, very happy this time around, this is a very fun car. beautyfully done. thank you. now this is a 5/5. truly.
Thank you. I'm glad you got it going. I'm still working on the more accurate updated version. It will come.
more cars please
Five stars this time. It's an average: 4 stars for packaging/marketing and 6 stars for design/engineering. What a sweet ride! I'm still not getting any flames, but I'm happy with what I've got. Don't change a thing!
This version makes the car much more driveable and fun. Thanks
Thank you. It's always great to get a good positive first comment after an update. I am really striving for no issues for anybody.
AGAIN I say...: Life's too short.
followed instruktions posted ... twice acctually...

I,ll have to wait for the "for dummies" edition. sooo. yes 3/5 also cause to me it feels like i gadda doo 40% o" da werk...

sorry mate 3 stars for me.
Please try the revised instructions on the original overview page above and try the latest update. There should be no issues.
Too much fun (I'm using game pad BTW :D)
One additional feedback, most probably i did something wrong when i installing the car so it says "game crashed (missing flames)" but thank for the Content Manager. I used anal "Analyze Car" tool of CM and problem fixed. But still there is no flame likr Kunos one ?
That's a lot of fun and it feels very realistic.
Thank you very much!
very nice driving! the flames textures are still missing and can you fix the headlights and the wipers? in pankykapus mod they work. thank you!
Thank you for the comment. I will check in to this. I have now realized that I should have fine-tuned some details on this mod before uploading it. I was excited with it after it's original creation and wanted to share it too quickly. Comments like yours will help me improve it. Thanks again.
This is indeed, splendid. The car sounds great and handles very very well, fun and satisfying. Great job and thank you.
Thank you very much for your comment. This car and the interest in it here has very much caught me by surprise. From some terrific input from fellow race department members I am working on another update but I want to tackle a number of issues at once in one update. It will come.
Good job, and thank you for the quick response on the sound file and UI. :-)
Your welcome. I really do depend on a weak over the air internet signal near the Canadian Rockies west of Calgary Alberta. I tried several times to upload the all in one before and got error code after error code. Tonight it worked. She's done baby! Content Manager should be happy as well. Enjoy!
Minus one star because I couldn't get your 'partial' mod to work (probably because no sfx files), but it did get me back to driving the thrilling 427 S/C, so I'm mollified until you can include ALL the necessary files.
Yeah I know. I just uploaded the sound file I have as it really suits the car. I have too many sound files to know the author. Hopefully I will be forgiven.
Fired it up at NOS, simply amazin, thx mucha !!
Top car. so much fun. You are a gifted guy.
sebring + cobra 289 = gros kiff
super mod de la puissance sans excès !
Great job and very fun to drive,thanks mate !
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