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Shark Fin Templates For Career Mode

Shark Fin Templates For Career Mode 1.0

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Hey guy's this is the shark fin templates for you to have your name's in career mode :)

Note: Ferrari & Red Bull use numbers not name's on their shark fins, Sauber doesn't read the names... It's a glitch for the mean time...

Here is the video on how to create your custom shark fin, and put it into the game:


If you need any help message me on Twitter @Krisdix_
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Latest reviews

Great Mod! But could you make templates for the other teams? (Ferrari, Red Bull and Sauber) This would be pretty nice from you...
Great! Don't suppose we can get an update for Sauber could we?
can in open with paint.net?
fantastic, but i didnt understand to change number and name
I need to advise it does not work to me, instead of the number there I blur the number. I drive to McLaren.
This is foto: http://prntscr.com/gxgn3b
That is because it hasn't had enough time to rendered and the graphics are too low on your PC
Awesome!!!! Thank you so much :D
Nice mod! 5 Stars :) Could you maybe add Ferrari? Would be Awesome.
yeah, finaly :D, will you add numbers and names to your resources like Gasly in Toro Rosso or Leclerc in Ferrari?
AMAZING I've wanted this since I got the game
How does this work with the mercedes?
nice thanks you
Thx for this mod, idk why codemasters did not put this in on their own. Can u use the mod online or do i get kicked out because of "cheating" if i have the mod installed?