Shannonville Ontario V0.2

Shannonville Canada Drift

  1. brayden haslam

    I know it needs stuff added,she's not perfect.It is 4 days old right now. When I release 1.0 then go ahead and review that it needs stuff, right now I don't get the point its not finished.
    shannonville-mr2.jpg Shannonville-CKC2016.jpg
    UPDATE track is now scaled 1:1 but is a bit skinny in places, is fixed next update see video! walls changed still dont work tho, kurbs replaced, still dont work that will be in v0.3, Keep it smokin.

    Shannonville Motorsport park located in shannonville ontario canada, great track for drifting or driving!
    first track, very early stages, the kurbs and walls are for show at the moment i have yet to make them solid

Recent Reviews

  1. Kenny Paton
    Kenny Paton
    Version: V0.2
    nice start, ran fine for me no ffb issues, hope it continues to evolve, and thanks for the work.
  2. dtyyutrrr
    Version: V0.2
    As said before great start! the track is very uneven making force feedback very unstable. the track is also a bit narrow in areas, especially corner zero. Shannonville is supposed to be a flat track!
    1. brayden haslam
      Author's Response
      make a video of the FFB issue, I can run all over no problem.
      I used satellite data to scale and for ground height.
      its not a full release.
  3. elvis feet
    elvis feet
    Version: v0.1
    good start buddy. little dark. you're right, needs curbs. Maybe some tree action for points of reference. Like Mario Andretti once said about the Cleveland airport-no points of reference to know of approaching corner. Good job, keep working on it
    1. brayden haslam
      Author's Response
      yeah everytime iv ben here in real life its ben sort of a gloomy feel to it haha, I however want to keep it as true to life as possible so instead of adding trees, maybe ill put in some Meter markers after the long straights for the corners, but for now maybe try using the cones for reference ! thanks for checkin it out , this is my only track project at the moment so check back for updates !
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