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Shanghai - Dynamic Track & New Textures/Lighting 1.0

3D, HD, Awesome Lighting System... Designed for **F1 Simulator Mod** Works in Regular game also

  1. igearzone16
    This track is enabled to be Dynamic.... and change from one race season to the next..
    To enable the dynamic feature for the tracks and your cars, you will need to download my **F1 Simulator Mod**
    Note,The Games default tracks, will NOT Dynamically change whats so ever,

    Please read on about this track below...

    The usual stuff, new building textures, new ground.. .I revised and refinished the rain map on this track, to get rid of the mirror look and make it look more realistic, in my opinion, it looks great...

    If you have a slower pc, you will not notice any change in frame rate, as a matter of fact you may get more, since the track is more fluid. Remodeled the entire track, into real 3 dimensional images.. Re-done in High Definition vs. the standard ..

    Don't Forget!!!

    **If you use it**
    **Vote or Comment on it**

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Recent Reviews

  1. Jon_Valiant
    Version: 1.0
    Its very chinese,BUT I LIKE IT!:))
    1. igearzone16
      Author's Response
      sure is!!!
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