SF70-H Dash for SimHub 1.0

Clone of the in-game wheel screen of the SF70-H

  1. davewilliams000
    Continuing of making my nextion dashboards for Dash Studio... Here's my dashboard replicating the (in-game Assetto Corsa) wheel screen for the SF70-H.

    It's difficult to find onboards of the real car where the screen is able to be seen, so we have to trust that Kunos did an accurate representation. I did find one onboard of Vettel's Singapore pole lap and the screen layout did look pretty similar to what we have in AC. The ERS remaining for the lap is the bar at the top, and the battery charge % is the 3 part bar at the bottom, along with the percentage in numbers just above that.

    As always, Water Temp (below the lap time) is not provided to SimHub from AC so it will show as zero but everything else works.

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