Series icons : 911, F430/997, GT3 2016-06-17

hud icons for series

  1. cazzoo
    Hi guys,

    following the previous trend on custom series icons, I just share you the three I made using the same technique.
    This concerns 3 mods you should find on the web :
    F430GTC vs 997RSR,
    GT3 cars

    Here is the preview : mod-icons.jpg

    I hope you enjoy it.

Recent Reviews

  1. RSfordy
    Version: 2016-06-17
    i have the a gt3 mod how do i use your mod with it please would look alot better thanks
  2. luispara
    Version: 2016-06-17
    thanks you but where i can download car please
    1. cazzoo
      Author's Response
      For the f430/997 and 911 you should take a look on gsce car mods. For GT3 cars it's more complicated yet because I dig a lot in the Internet and did some conversion to get them. As I am not the author of these mods, I won't set any links to it. Sorry
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