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Sepang 2017 Billboards 2017-11-13

Updated billboards for this year's F1 race.

  1. OzAndy
    Extract into sepang folder, overwrite skins folder if asked
    make a new "Default" folder in Skins folder and extract individual .dds files into there.

    New Petronas pit signs give an impression, but not 100% right. Delete the petronas_board_a and b files if you don't like them ... same deal as previous tracks for old Allianz objects.


    1. Screenshot - 13_11_2017 , 6_33_44 AM-medium.png
    2. Screenshot - 13_11_2017 , 6_35_02 AM-medium.png
    3. Screenshot - 13_11_2017 , 6_35_12 AM-medium.png
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Recent Reviews

  1. rubencer
    Version: 2017-11-13
    Excellent, Thank You!!!!
  2. Edivad82
    Version: 2017-11-13
    Thank you very much! Compatible with Sepang by acorsaunderground.