Senna + Piquet + Alboreto Version 2


  1. Disselli
    Hey Guys, this is a simple skin for Game F1 2013


    Lotus 100T 1988 with Camel Logo + Nelson Piquet as First Driver
    Ferrari 1988 with Alboreto in Schumacher's place
    Lotus 1986 - JPS - Ayrton Senna as First Driver in car number 12.

    I gave an upgrade in all drivers skills in 80's mode. But, most of the time, the Williams 1980's stays behind the other cars

    ps.: There is a language file, but, this language is Brazilian Portuguese.

    I hope you enjoy, thanks :D


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Recent Reviews

  1. lechuckf1
    Version: Version 2
    This will be very useful for me to do my version of Senna 1986, thanks
    1. Disselli
      Author's Response
      Your welcome mate, hope I'd helped you - Let me ask, how can I make more cars to get more number of cars on grid? I want to put the 1989 McLaren using the williams 1988 design, but I Need to create other files and entries in the database file and I don't how to make it
  2. Ayrton379
    Version: Version 2
    This is very nice, well done.
    1. Disselli
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much :D