Senna Inspired Ferrari 599XX Evo Skin 2016-09-16

first attempt at skinning,wanted to honour my hero

  1. Mancsfinest
    This is my first attempt ,i simply wanted to show hommage to Aryton Senna ,hope you like it



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Recent Reviews

  1. Badu
    Version: 2016-09-16
    Dude, eventhough I appreciate the style, as far as homages go and considering you are honoring one of the most iconic drivers in history, I think this is a miss. The design does not resemble anything that has to do with Ayrton and his career (car liveries, helmet, color patterns, tec.) and the car number "666"... REALLY? Do you know that he was a devout Christian? I suggest that you do a little update and try to include some elements that actually do him some justice. Don´t be angry with me, I´m just sharing my thoughts as a huge Senna fan and fellow designer. Best regards!
    1. Mancsfinest
      Author's Response
      thanks for the review ,this is my personal skin from well over a year ago , pls dont bring religion into the arguement,(thats my racing number) ,you will see the car also has my name on it,like i stated it was a first attempt ,it didnt get edited after the initial test ,im very aware of senna's history ,try not to be so serious not everyone is sim anorak....,its better than some ive seen,thanks for the response tho...i hear ya ,i had to learn photoshop to do it i dont think its so bad,my forte is music production rather than gfx design and skinning hence the abstract look i will use my talent elsewhere
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